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Refugee Turned Patriot

This is the story of a man, his family, and his determination to survive the Holocaust by fleeing Nazi-controlled Austria and Czechoslovakia. It’s all the more compelling for having been told without malice by a man who was both a grateful refugee and an essentially private person. It reveals how refugees were received in New Zealand in the late 19..

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Goliath and the Gang

Aaron was just five years old when they took his mother away …Raised by his aunt after losing his mother, he’s bullied by his uncle and tormented by his loathsome cousins. His dream of making something of his life, of becoming an entrepreneur like his late father, rapidly disappears in the wake of his miserable childhood.The sudden appearance of a ..

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Audition is hurtling through space towards the event horizon. Squashed immobile into its rooms are three giants: Alba, Stanley and Drew. If they talk, the spaceship keeps moving; if they are silent, they resume growing.Talk they must, and as they do, Alba, Stanley and Drew recover their shared memory of what has been done to their incarcerated form..

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Mental Health Education and Hauora for Primary

This book is the result of a collaboration between academics at the University of Auckland Waipapa Taumata Rau and teachers in schools. It is an excellent resource for teachers wanting to teach about resilience, mental health, interpersonal skills, and wellbeing.It contains lesson plans for Years 1-6 designed to enhance learning to enable primary s..

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The Royal New Zealand Ballet at Sixty

The sixtieth birthday of the Royal New Zealand Ballet is a triumph for the vision of Poul Gnatt who, in 1953, led a troupe of dancers travelling the length and breadth of the country. This book, with over fifty contributors – including artistic directors, dancers and other notable characters – and more than 300 illustrations, is both a rich history..

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A well-known writer, activist, and disability rights advocate, Henrietta Bollinger’s debut essay collection speaks to their experiences as a queer, disabled person, and as a twin. Articulations is a timely, personal, and poignant appraisal of life in Aotearoa New Zealand. Soundtracked by the Topp Twins, Anika Moa, Woody Guthrie and more, Bollinger’..

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The Last, the Least, the Lonely and the Lost

This eclectic memoir spans nearly 70 years, including over 50 years of medical experiences, and describes the intriguing journey of a doctor in a changing world. From working class roots in Glasgow, the author includes student adventures and travels, the rigours of postgraduate training, and the richness and variety of a peripatetic medical life. I..

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End Times

In the late 1980s, two teenage girls found refuge from a world of cosy conformity, sexism and the nuclear arms race in protest and punk. Then, drawn in by a promise of meaning and purpose, they cast off their punk outfits and became born-again Christians. Unsure which fate would come first – nuclear annihilation or the Second Coming of Jesus – they..

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In Liveability, Claire Orchard places us vividly in the lives, pasts, futures and homes of others: A young farmer obsessively photographs snowflakes in wintry Vermont. A pair of geckos named Romeo and Juliet live out their lives in an ice-cream container. A CPR manikin contemplates their resuscitator, Leonard Nimoy peers through the TV screen into ..

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Henry Morton's Pupil

Against the backdrop of London in the Swinging Sixties, Penelope Lloyd-Hargreaves, recently called to the Bar, serves her pupillage under the supervision of Henry Morton, the senior barrister at Forsythe Chambers. Defending a young man framed for murder, Penny and Morton find their case is part of something far larger and more complex, involvi..

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Like every other girl in her class, twelve-year-old Justine is drawn to her glamorous, charismatic new teacher, and longs to be her pet. However, when a thief begins to target the school, Justine’s sense that something isn't quite right grows ever stronger. With each twist of the plot, this gripping story of deception and the corrosive power of gui..

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Leading to the North-East

This book  demonstrates how school leaders are able to successfully raise Māori student achievements to match that of their non-Māori peers, enable Māori students to do so “as Māori”, and benefit other marginalised students. ..

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Who Disturbs the Kūkupa?

A lone man stands apart from a formidable enemy.Caught behind enemy lines after the Battle of Mount Olympus, Sonny Wirima must make his way through mainland Greece and the Aegean Islands to find his lost Māori Battalion, with only his instincts and traditional beliefs to guide him.An inspiring narrative of courage and survival, of love and awakenin..

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Being a Distance Son or Daughter: a Book for ALL Generations

What is it truly like being a son or daughter who leaves home to live in an expat/migrant setting? How does it feel to be geographically separated from your parents, grandparents and other family members? Maybe you’ve left home for your studies, your career, a sense of adventure, for a challenge, for love. But how do you venture forth into your glo..

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Honouring Our Ancestors

In these rigorous and challenging essays, writers from Aotearoa and Turtle Island (Canada and the United States of America) explore the well-being of takatāpui, two-spirit, and Māori and Indigenous LGBTQI+ communities. Themes include resistance, reclamation, empowerment, transformation and healing. Central to Honouring Our Ancestors is the knowledg..

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Call Me Brother: The Story of a New Zealand Doctor in Bangladesh

What happens when one person refuses to tolerate injustice and gives everything they have to see it right? Edric Baker was driven by the idea that healthcare should be available for every person, rich or poor. In wartime Vietnam, he performed complex surgery on a patient, only to see him return and die from dysentery, a disease of poverty. Bak..

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A St. John’s College Scholarship Boy

A St. John’s College Scholarship Boy is the autobiography of a doctor who briefly lived and worked in the gold-mining towns of the Witwatersrand from 1931–33 and then, for 27 years, on two Copperbelt mining towns in Northern Rhodesia from 1933–61.He writes about his work as a doctor in the time before antibiotics and with only a few vaccinations av..

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Fresh Ink 2021

Established and award-winning authors sit alongside some lively ‘fresh ink’ from previously-unpublished voices. The third in this popular series, fresh ink 2021 is an exciting anthology presenting new work from a diverse group of New Zealand writers, poets and artists as they reflect upon the Covid-19 pandemic. The collection has been collated by T..

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Born in the middle of Australia’s biggest-ever earthquake, Miracle is fourteen when her world crumbles. Thanks to her dad’s new job at Compassionate Cremations – which falls under suspicion for Boorunga’s spate of sudden deaths – the entire town turns against their family. Miracle is tormented by her classmates, even by Oli, the boy she can’t get o..

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Birnam Wood

Birnam Wood is on the move ...A landslide has closed the Korowai Pass in the South Island of New Zealand, cutting off the town of Thorndike, leaving a sizable farm abandoned. This land offers an opportunity to Birnam Wood, a guerrilla gardening collective that plants crops wherever no one will notice. But they hadn’t figured on the enigmatic Americ..

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Wealth Plan

Are you looking to achieve financial freedom? Does the idea of investing in property sound attractive but you don’t know where to begin?  Andrew Nicol and Ed McKnight have the answers to:get you started on your investing journeystructure your investments to ensure the best returnsamass the highest yielding properties achieve a portfolio of pro..

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Ki te hoe! Education for Aotearoa

This book addresses one of the most pressing questions for educators in Aotearoa New Zealand—how to enact te Tiriti o Waitangi and equitably privilege mātauranga, kaupapa, and tikanga Māori with mātauranga, kaupapa, and tikanga Pākehā. For those asking “how do we do that?”, this pukapuka provides research-based ideas and resources to begin to answe..

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Research methods in education and the social disciplines

For emerging researchers, introductory content that is specific to the Aotearoa context can be hard to find. Research methods for education and the social disciplines in Aotearoa New Zealand draws on the thinking of numerous local researchers to deliver an overview and introduction to research methodology and methods, in a way that closely ties wit..

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The Tūī Has Landed

“Are we calling it ‘encouragement’ now? I like it. Less in your face than ‘blackmail’.”Becky, unlucky in love and facing unemployment, won’t let life get her down. Anahera, stepmum to three boisterous boys, has found love but is struggling to find her place in the world.When Anahera’s life is unexpectedly turned upside down, she and Becky recruit t..

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