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Young Cook's Handbook: Sweet & Savoury Baking

Be you 5 or 95 and any age in between, our wish is to have you enjoy being in the kitchen discovering the joy of food and how easy it is to be successful at creating the dish you and your family and friends love.These recipes have been divided into suggested age groups to make the recipes easy to follow. Don’t let this limit you! If you want someth..

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Policy-making Under Pressure

Public policy-making in New Zealand has a patchy track record. In many policy sectors New Zealand performs no worse than many other advanced democracies, and in some it is recognised as world leading. But it is clear that the system is under pressure. By international standards, New Zealand ranks poorly in some sectors, notably child poverty, affor..

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Gang Girl

The Gang stole her childhood.She won’t let them claim the rest of her life.New Zealand, 1970. Born into the gang, Alicia longs to escape the misery of her childhood. The daughter of a notorious gang leader, her dream of freedom falls apart when she’s pledged in blood to her cousin Mickey.Happiness seems further away than ever once Mickey grows into..

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Wild Seas to Greenland

When 1994 Whitbread Race winner Ross Field refitted his 20-year-old, aluminium yacht Rosemary for high latitude cruising, he applied Kiwi DIY, latest technology and 35 years of ocean racing experience. Rebecca Hayter followed his refit in detail. Then she signed on as crew for one of the world's most dangerous oceans.As former editor of Boating New..

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Teaching for Complex Systems Thinking

What do a short car trip, a pandemic, the wood-wide fungal web, a challenging learning experience, a storm, transport logistics, and the language(s) we speak have in common? All of them are systems, or multiple sets of systems within systems. What happens in any set of circumstances will depend on a mix of initial conditions, complexity dynamics, a..

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On Being Dyslexic

Who is the dyslexic in your life? A son or a daughter? A grandchild or a pupil? Maybe you are the dyslexic yourself? In this book, Sarah Platt takes you on the journey of her own story with dyslexia, weaving you in and out of the decades of her life. You will meet both heroes and villains. You will laugh at the funny moments and be indignant at th..

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Away… For God’s Sake

Born into an Irish Catholic family, Kathleen entered a religious order in France when she was 17 years old. Working and living in the prison of La Roquette, she was thrown into the Parisian underworld of crime, drugs and prostitution. Without any training and very little knowledge of the language, she struggled with homesickness, despair and loneli..

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Politics in a Pandemic

2020 was a year unlike any other. Still in her first term as prime minister, Jacinda Ardern found herself facing her biggest challenge yet – protecting New Zealanders against a worldwide pandemic. By year’s end New Zealand had kept its nerve, protected its borders, and for the most part kept its residents alive and well. In the midst of all this an..

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The Rip

Ten brilliant stories from the pen of Brian Millard.Here are themes ranging from fine art, politics, shearing, and boxing, to dancing the tango, set against backdrops from New Zealand, Poland, Argentina, England and America, in time frames from the early forties to the present. Each story imbued with compassion and humour, unique and complete in it..

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Kākāpō Keeper

Inspired by a true story, Kākāpō Keeper is a tale of New Zealand history and conservation efforts.Written as a fictional diary by Andrew Burt (14), who has been employed as the assistant to Richard Henry the Chief Conservator based in Dusky Sound (on New Zealand’s lower west coast) from July 1894 to June 1908. Henry has been charged with preserving..

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The Alarmist

alarmist (pre 2020): Someone who exaggerates a danger and so causes needless worry or panic.alarmist (post 2020): Someone who justifiably raises the alarm about a global danger to Earth's biosphere.His research was urgent fifty years ago. Now, it’s critical.In the early 1970s, budding Kiwi scientist Dave Lowe was posted at an atmospheric monitoring..

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Literacy across the divide

This book examines significant questions related to information literacy learning and student transition to higher education in Aotearoa New Zealand. It investigates important questions for student transition: what does it mean to be information literate in Aotearoa today? What could be the role of the library in our senior secondary schools and te..

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The Tomo

"I’m too busy to babysit, so I hope you and that mongrel are up for the job."Phil, and his father’s beloved heading dog, Blue, have to spend the Christmas break working on a sheep station while Phil’s dad undergoes out-of-town, cancer treatment. The station manager, Chopper, isn’t happy having a teenager in his care and certainly not a sheepdog tha..

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Portents from Beyond the Edge

Following the devastating earthquakes of 2010 and 2011, poet-shaman Kevin Moran leaves Christchurch in search of new beginnings. As he travels he writes a series of 151 small poems and a travel journal. Extracts from the journal are included in the book.The poems speak of the natural world, the path of Self-realisation and the way of Aroha (love) w..

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The Scam

A fictional tale of an international crime syndicate who try to scam the New Zealand game of Lotto. Will they succeed or will familiarity breed contempt and their plans crumble? ..

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An intriguing and remarkably unique love story based on a mysterious woman who first appeared in Venetian Rogues and taking place in Italy.For the paperback version please email:

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Three Scoops: Stories by David Hill

Three moments in time and three writing genre: historic fiction / fantasy fiction / futuristic fiction from one of New Zealand’s favourite writers of fiction. Historical: Coming Home The story of Harry and his loyal horse Blaze as New Zealand rushes to support the British during the time of the war between them and the South African Dutch..

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Sweat and Salt Water

 On 21 March 2017, Associate Professor Teresia Kieuea Teaiwa passed away at the age of forty-eight. News of Teaiwa’s death precipitated an extraordinary outpouring of grief unmatched in the Pacific studies community since Epeli Hau‘ofa’s passing in 2009. Mourners referenced Teaiwa’s nurturing interactions with numerous students and colleagues,..

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I Laugh Me Broken

Ginny is feeling lighter and heavier at the same time. She’s just learned from her cousin about a devastating genetic inheritance – but the revelation has brought a new logic to her mother’s death many years before, and to her mother’s love.Leaving her fiancé in the dark, Ginny flees to Germany to research a novel about the maverick sea captain Cou..

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She's a Killer

 The world’s climate is in crisis and New Zealand is being divided and reshaped by privileged immigrant wealthugees.Thirty-something Alice has a near-genius IQ and lives at home with her mother with whom she communicates by Morse code. Alice’s imaginary friend, Simp, has shown up, with a running commentary on her failings. ‘I mean, can you eve..

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Alex: The Quartet

 This New Zealand Classic, that has be recognised internationally and loved by many generations,  is released in one edition that includes all four of the original Alex titles:AlexAlex in WinterAlessandra: Alex in RomeSongs for AlexIncludes a foreword from Lani Wendt Young, an introduction from the author and a prologue to complete Alex’s..

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White Moko: stories from my life

 A memoir from award-winning writer and inspirational speaker Tim Tipene. Tim founded the Warrior Kids programme 26 years ago. Himself the product of rape, he spent a miserable childhood in which he was abused by both his birth and foster families. His courses now empower families and children and this memoir is a recollection of his life, ra..

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The Commercial Hotel

When John Summers moved to a small town in the Wairarapa and began to look closely at the less-celebrated aspects of local life – our club rooms, freezing works, night trains, hotel pubs, landfills – he saw something deeper. It was a story about his own life, but mostly about a place and its people. The story was about life and death in New Zealand..

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Using the arts across the curriculum: Integrated lesson plans

Arts integration is a pedagogical approach to teaching and learning that employs arts activities to teach concepts where the focus is on another subject area. The process of arts integration means that students are engaged in doing, making, problem-solving, working collaboratively, and enjoying a voyage of discovery. When working collaboratively th..

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