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2000ft Above Worry Level

Everything is sad and funny and nothing is anything else2000ft Above Worry Level begins on the sad part of the internet and ends at the top of a cliff face. This episodic novel is piloted by a young, anhedonic, gentle, slightly disassociated man. He has no money. He has a supportive but disintegrating family. He is trying hard to be better. He is p..

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A Backpack, A Chair and A Beard

A paraplegic since the age of four, Eamon found ways to give his wheelchair wings. He became the number one seed in the Kiwi men’s wheelchair tennis rankings, and represented his country on the men’s wheelchair basketball team, travelling the world. But that was in a safe, predictable team setting. He wanted more.At twenty-eight, he set off on an e..

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A Brief History of Rugby - Volume 1

FUN FACTS, STATS, QUOTES & TRIVIAVolume 1 covers the 1823–1969This is the essential pick-up, put-down, and pick-up again rugby history for everybody. From players to fans, from newspapers to television and from computer games to bumper-stickers… and everything in betweenThis is the rugby book for everyone!Early football were mainly ‘mob’ style ..

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A Brief History of Rugby - Volume 2

FUN FACTS, STATS, QUOTES & TRIVIAVolume 2 covers the 1970–1999This is the essential pick-up, put-down, and pick-up again rugby history for everybody. From players to fans, from newspapers to television and from computer games to bumper-stickers… and everything in betweenThis is the rugby book for everyone!The 1970’s was described as the ‘Decade..

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A Brief History of Rugby - Volume 3

FUN FACTS, STATS, QUOTES & TRIVIAVolume 3 covers the 2000–2022This is the essential pick-up, put-down, and pick-up again rugby history for everybody. From players to fans, from newspapers to television and from computer games to bumper-stickers… and everything in betweenThis is the rugby book for everyone!A new century dawns and professional ru..

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A Caramel Sky

The dreams of two young lovers are shattered when a small nation at the ripple-edge of the world is plunged into war.Grace Freeman, the daughter of an English immigrant family, leaves her home in Auckland to join the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force, in a bid for independence from a controlling mother. Charlie Harrison, an inventive electrical engineer,..

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A Constitution for Aotearoa New Zealand

New Zealand needs a constitution that is easy to understand, reflects our shared identity and nationhood, protects rights and liberties, and prevents governments from abusing power.The current constitution is vague, jumbled and unclear. It can be easily overridden or changed according to political whim. This book aims to change that. It proposes a ..

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A Game of Two Halves: The Best of Sport 2005–2019

Sport was conceived in the back of Damien Wilkins’ yellow Ford Escort – he tells the story in the introduction to Great Sporting Moments – and born in spring 1988. A Game of Two Halves: The Best of Sport 2005–2019 chronicles the second half of Aotearoa New Zealand’s most exciting literary magazine’s life.‘It wasn’t going to have a manifesto,’ found..

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A Golden Moment

Growing up among Mexican vaqueros on a small horse ranch in California in the mid-1800s, Jason Tralee, a self-reliant and resourceful young man, experiences an unconventional childhood, strongly shaped by Gouyen, the ranch foreman’s wife. Driven by the fear of losing another son to the turbulence unfolding in the country, in 1868 his father arrange..

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A Happy Feat

‘There was a ship’, quoth he... The ship was the ice-capable vessel, the Spirit of Enderby, and aboard were Gareth Morgan and 50 others, bound on a 30-day sea voyage to Our Far South – through the Southern Ocean, via the subantarctic islands and all the way down to Scott Base in Antarctica. With some of New Zealand’s ..

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A Lack of Good Sons

I am seconds away from everything.I am the bullseye of the world.A Lack of Good Sons is a book of poetry that carries us through many realms – Greek myth, the Bible, dream, and the earthly world, with all its beauty and violence. An eclectic range of speakers, from deities to inanimate objects, describe encounters and turning points in their lives...

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A Mistake

Elizabeth Taylor is a surgeon at a city hospital, a gifted, driven and rare woman excelling in a male-dominated culture.One day, while operating on a young woman in a critical condition, something goes gravely wrong.A Mistake is a compelling story of human fallibility, and the dangerous hunger for black and white answers in a world of exponential c..

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A Quiet Revolution: Growing Creative Commons in Aotearoa NZ

The past few years have seen a quiet, relatively well behaved, and entirely legal revolution in Aotearoa: the growth of a thriving Commons of works made available under Creative Commons open copyright licences. A Quiet Revolution tells Kiwi stories as diverse as open source houses, teachers banding together to share resources, government depart..

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A Radical Religious Heritage

Those who laid the foundations of New Zealand’s Unitarian movement, most of whom came from the United Kingdom, argued strongly that all religious claims must be open to critical examination and review, with the individual conscience the final judge. Among those who had a large role, note especially William Jellie who was the first minister of the A..

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A Short History of New Zealand

A lively and accessible book written by one of our most well-known commentators on matters past and present, this popular New Zealand history introduces our country’s story to general readers and students and has been updated to include the Helen Clark years, the rise of John Key, the Christchurch earthquakes and the 2011 Rugby World Cup...

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A Striking Truth

It's 1986 in small-town New Zealand. The entire town is stuck in a stalemate between the strikingmill workers and its management. With livelihoods, families and identities under siege, all mustchoose where their loyalties lie.As the effects of Rogernomics begin their historic shaking of New Zealand's economic stability,relationships and beliefs are..

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Accidental Immigrants

When Thomas Powell and his family left England and sailed for India in the early 1850's they weren't to know they would become a prominent family in New Zealand. They were very much involved in early Wanganui and took part in business, sport, music and local body affairs. Wilmot Powell becomes a captain in the Militia and leads his unit in the defe..

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Action research: A developmental approach

Here is a book to inspire, inform, and guide action researchers and enhance the quality and effectiveness of their projects. It provides a practical guide for practitioners who are undertaking research in their own workplaces. There are frameworks for planning and developing action research projects along with practical examples. These examples ..

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Addressed to Greta

‘Greta’s ears started to pop. She swallowed hard and looked out of her cabin window. The plane had just broken through a clump of clouds and below was an undulating patchwork of reds and greens. It was what she’d been expecting. The ruralness. Yet also different from the image she’d held in her head. The vastness. The intense terracotta colour. The..

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After Z Hour

The first new edition since 1987 of the prize-winning debut novel by the acclaimed author of The Vintner’s Luck, Wake, and other New Zealand classics. First published on Armistice Day 1987, After Z-Hour was acclaimed by reviewers including Margaret Mahy and Keri Hulme, and won the PEN Award for Best First Book of Prose. Stranded by..

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Alex: The Quartet

 This New Zealand Classic, that has be recognised internationally and loved by many generations,  is released in one edition that includes all four of the original Alex titles:AlexAlex in WinterAlessandra: Alex in RomeSongs for AlexIncludes a foreword from Lani Wendt Young, an introduction from the author and a prologue to complete Alex’s..

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All For Love

Rosie is a gifted, teenage, classical musician. After a sheltered childhood, she leaves home to take a place at the prestigious Royal Academy of Music in London. Once in the big city she is swept into the life of one of the world’s most notorious and flamboyant rock stars, Harry Quinn. Through their relationship she finds herself in a place where m..

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All the Nice Girls

Devonport naval base, 1962. her husband away at sea, Sophie Flynn's life is becoming rather complicated. She has two children to nurture, the captain's wife to minister to, her wayward sister to keep an eye on, and an elderly neighbour to nurse. And then she falls in love with the commodore... "A romance with a dash of feminism, a d..

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All This By Chance

If we don’t have the past in mind, it is merely history. If we do, it is still part of the present. Esther’s grandparents first meet at a church dance in London in 1947. Stephen, a shy young Kiwi, has left to practise pharmacy on the other side of the world. Eva has grown up English, with no memory of the Jewish family who sent their little gi..

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