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A Christmas Cake In Four Quarters

Originally published 1887, by Frederick Warne And Co...  More

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A Maori Maid

Originally published 1898, by Macmillan and Co., Limited ..  More

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A New Zealand Courtship and other Work-A-Day Stories

Originally published by The Religious Tract Society ..  More

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A Rolling Stone Vol. I

Originally published 1886, by Richard Bentley & Son ..  More

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A Rolling Stone Vol. II

Originally published 1886, by Richard Bentley & Son. ..  More

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A Rolling Stone Vol. III

Originally published 1886, by >Richard Bentley & Son, New Burlington St. ..  More

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A Romance of Lake Wakatipu

Originally published 1892, by George Didsbury, Government Printer ..  More

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A Strange Friendship: A Story of New Zealand

Originally published 1874, by Sampson Low, Marston, Low, & Searle..  More

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A Tragedy in Black and White and Other Stories

Originally published 1888, by Simpson and Williams ..  More

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A Wistful Legacy

Logic  dies  as  Nazi  Germany  crushes  all  before  her,  mutilating millions of ordinary lives in a host of European countries.Love and loyalty survives the greatest conflict in human history. Tim and Liesel are separated by war but stubbornly hold on to their dream throughout the chaos. A distant hav..  More

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After Z Hour

The first new edition since 1987 of the prize-winning debut novel by the acclaimed author of The Vintner’s Luck, Wake, and other New Zealand classics. First published on Armistice Day 1987, After Z-Hour was acclaimed by reviewers including Margaret Mahy and Keri Hulme, and won the PEN Award for Best First Book of Prose. Stranded by..  More

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Aisling's Cloud

Clouds and Music blend in the stormy skies of a troubled Ireland. The perceptions of Aisling and Aidan entwine amidst a turbulent social and political backdrop: the Tommy Gun versus the harp; the everpresent shadow of The Famine hovering above a seething emotional landscape. Aisling’s liberal sense of independent thought and action conflict with w..  More

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All This By Chance, by Vincent O'Sullivan (Fiction) New

All This By Chance

If we don’t have the past in mind, it is merely history. If we do, it is still part of the present. Esther’s grandparents first meet at a church dance in London in 1947. Stephen, a shy young Kiwi, has left to practise pharmacy on the other side of the world. Eva has grown up English, with no memory of the Jewish family who sent their little gi..  More

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A collaborative novel in English and in Spanish, written in New Zealand and Argentina. 2009: in Argentina, a woman prepares to travel to Italy for a funeral. In New Zealand, two friends discuss art, loss, and how to accept life as it plays out. 1969: a girl from New Zealand and another from Argentina are stranded in the airport in Rome. A friend..  More

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Amongst the Maoris: A Book of Adventure

Originally published 1874(?), by Frederick Warne and Co. ..  More

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And the Juice of a Lemon, by Bill Lennox (Fiction) New

And the Juice of a Lemon

This short novel weaves together the story of a contract writer and the manuscript of young adult novel he has been hired to finish. Along the way, the writer confronts his own story and finds himself in a surprising new relationship. There are also fragments of other lives – a distant aunt, characters encountered in hospitals, buses, cafes, bars a..  More

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Anno Domini 2000; or, Woman's Destiny

Originally published 1889, by Hutchinson and Co. ..  More

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Aphrodite Rising and Other Poems

Poetry drawing upon mythological and everyday themes ..  More

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As Long as Rain, by Nick Ascroft (Fiction) New

As Long as Rain

Why not just kill us all? I had asked. He tried to look unmalignant: A, Libby, we have, and B, too much smell, too much of an emission all at once./ / / | | | / / /The Loopies—two alien species bound to each other in a marriage of convenience—have subdued the human race. Its people sterilised, and pacified with a linguistic disease, the world is a ..  More

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Astonished Dice

Geoff Cochrane is the author of numerous highly regarded collections of poems and two novels. In 2009 he was awarded the Janet Frame Prize for Poetry, and in 2010 the inaugural Nigel Cox Unity Books Award. Astonished Dice collects his two slim volumes of short stories, originally published in limited editions, the early novella ‘Quest Clin..  More

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Billie's Kiss

With an Edwardian twist on The Tempest, and all the surprising, earthy and magical qualities of her bestseller The Vintner’s Luck, Knox’s equally irresistible new novel is set on the remote, divided Scottish island of Kissack and Skilling, one half of which looks historically and geographically towards Catholic Ireland, the other tow..  More

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Billionaire Phin

An amusing sequel to Phin. An unexpected inheritance arrives in our hero’s unwilling lap. Sensibly, he doesn’t want a bar of the $4+billion fortune, preferring a simple life, but young paraplegic teenager Millie convinces him to accept the legacy.Weirdly, he succeeds in changing the whole US economic and business landscape with his usual devastatin..  More

$24.50 $4.99 Ex Tax: $4.34

Bird North

  ‘Bird North is a striking first collection of stories from a writer who has zeroed in on his subject and delivered an intense, necessary book.’—Damien Wilkins Breton Dukes stands in the great tradition of New Zealand writers—Frank Sargeson, Maurice Duggan, Owen Marshall—who have looked at men’s ..  More

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Bliss and Other Stories

Originally published 1924, by Constable & Company ..  More

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