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The Secrets of the Science of Life (Lecture Notes 1952 Part 2)

The following lectures were given in Pretoria, South Africa, between 5th August and 9th December 1952 (The same also being given earlier in Johannesburg, between 17th April 1952 and 25th September 1952). The Lecture Notes could be purchased in blocks of ten prior to the series being given. A full account of these lectures combining the Lecture Note..

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Life More Abundant (Lecture Notes 1951)

The following lectures were given in Pretoria, South Africa, between 6th February and 4th December 1951 (the same also being given earlier in Johannesburg between 12th October 1950 and 14th June 1951). The Lecture Notes could be purchased in blocks of ten prior to the series being given. A full account of these lectures combining the Lecture Notes ..

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Develop people and business the way nature intended

Do you ever catch yourself saying why are you like that or why don’t we see the same picture? If you have, look inside — this book may be for you!It offers personal insights using anecdotal stories about how people have shifted mindsets by understanding their own and others’ communication preferences. Slowly but surely the authors’ dreams are being..

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Sanctuary of the Silent Healing Power

From November 1947 to February 1955 Murdo MacDonald-Bayne mailed out to the general public, not only in South Africa but worldwide, the monthly newsletters known under the title “SANCTUARY OF THE SILENT HEALING POWER.” These newsletters comprised a summery of readers letters, an essay, a benediction, thanks for donations, a list of books for sal..

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Life Everlasting: 2nd Revised Edition

These lectures were given in Pretoria, South Africa between 19th October 1948 and 28th June 1949. They form the basis for the posthumous book “Life Everlasting” compiled by one of Murdo’s students. This particular volume is the 2nd revised and expanded edition of that book and presents the lectures in the original order as presented to his students..

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How to Relax and Revitalise Yourself

The following lectures were given in Pretoria, South Africa, between 11th April and 19th December 1950. The Lecture Notes which were given out prior to the nightly lectures were later subsequently released in full with some minor changes as the book known today as “How to Relax and Revitalise Yourself.” A full account of these lectures combining th..

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Delivering Successful Strategic Change

Chief executives and senior managers can make a significant difference to strategic change outcomes when governance and leadership is done right. However, identifying issues when change is being done wrong isn’t easy and these issues can often come as a surprise to managers. Determining where to begin when trying to get change back on track can oft..

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Developing Your Faith

These lectures were given in Pretoria, in series, between 2nd August 1949 and 4th April 1950. Originally given out as Lecture notes in advance to his students, these notes formed the basis for his talks on the actual night. The Lecture Notes even on their own are still very inspirational and full of wisdom. With the advent of the sound recording..

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Divine Healing of Mind and Body

“In the spring of 1948 a series of talks was given in Johannesburg to those who were chosen to hear them, this was a unique and unforgettable experience. No one who heard them could ever be the same again. They were hours of the highest spiritual growth and understanding. It was as though a veil were torn from our eyes and we could see clearly. Th..

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Cosmic Consciousness: Your Silent Partner

These lectures were given in Pretoria 25th November 1947 to 12th October 1948. They form the basis for the posthumous unpublished book with above title compiled by one of Murdo’s students. This particular volume is a revised edition of that book and presents the lectures in the original order as presented to his students along with those missing f..

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The Death Ray Debacle

In June 1935 Takapuna inventor Victor Penny was attacked by foreign agents seeking what the newspapers dubbed a ‘death ray’. The government secretly shifted him to Somes Island in Wellington harbour to develop the weapon. The novel of this true story is told by Temporary Acting Detective Dan Delaney, seconded to Special Branch, forerunner of the Se..

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What is Mine is Thine

Divine Metaphysics is a system or technique that enables us to eliminate from our minds, our bodies and our circumstances, adverse conditions and replace them with perfect health and happiness and an abundance of the things we need. You may say that this is a tall order. Nevertheless it is true. It has been done by the Masters, who state positively..

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Spiritual and Mental Healing

There is much to understand and learn in the art of healing, but when you acquire the knowledge which gives you the foundation and confidence required in healing, you will soon be able to help yourself and others. With this knowledge there is no reason why you should not be able to heal and, often, instantaneously. The main thing in healing is to k..

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I Am the Life

“The Truth is Eternal, Birthless and Deathless, forever the same,” but the teaching of the Truth is always changing to finer and higher expressions as man unfolds. There is a lot of knowledge in the Bible that is hidden from the many; esoteric knowledge, that which came through the great Prophets and was revealed to the inner circle of disciples...

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The Higher Power You Can Use: with Commentary

“This Course is written for the express purpose of leading you along the path of the Masters; freeing you from limitation and imitation in the world of forms, creeds, dogmas, ideas, theories, concepts, etc., that limit and confuse the mind, thereby distorting the Truth. You cannot discern or understand unless the mind is free and unlimited, for it ..

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Heal Yourself

To keep the body in perfect health one must watch one’s thoughts, one’s actions, one’s diet, have sufficient exercise, occupational rectification exercises and so on. Watch your posture and do all the necessary things that bring about a strong, healthy mind and body. No one can have perfect health without a knowledge of spiritual, mental and physic..

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Beyond the Himalayas: with The Yoga of the Christ

These two books cover the author’s travels and experiences in Tibet, over a seven month period, between 1936-7. He writes of his instruction in the spiritual, mystical and healing arts under the tutelage of his teacher Geshi Rimpoche and various other Tibetan Masters. Both out of print for over 40 years until republished in 2006. Now for the first ..

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Porters in My Past

The true story of three brothers who arrive in NZ in the 1850's and face the challenge of life in a new land. One becomes a surveyor, one a Mayor and one a farmer after whom Porters Pass is named...

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The Water Treatment

Inspired by a real life murder mystery, this classic “Who dunnit?” is populated by easily recognized and believable characters. Women throw themselves at Kevin. Is Martin a genuine SNAG or just an opportunist? Emily discovers the father of her child has become a brutal gang leader. Ordinary Kiwis take a walk outside the law. They..

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Recovery from Bipolar: One Woman's Story

Mental illness is not just in your head: your body can cause it too. The author writes of her experience of depression and mental illness disclosing her own dysfunctional life and then freedom from it through New Zealand mental health medications, chiropractic treatment, self awareness, self love, and moving on from negative environments. ..

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Sport 43: New Zealand New Writing 2015

Packed with new essays, poetry and fiction from leading and new New Zealand writers, Sport 43 is a superb overview of current New Zealand writing. Edited by Fergus Barrowman with Kirsten McDougall and Ashleigh Young and published by Fergus Barrowman. Essays Jane Blaikie Ingrid Horrocks Kirsten McDougall Maria Mc..

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Old World lamplighters once lit the streets of cities like Constantinople, Alexandria and Rome. In the countryside, in the new colonies, the Lamplighter doesn’t light passages through the dark; he lights perimeters against it, and the wildernesses beyond. In the tiny South Island beach settlement of Porbeagle, Candle is apprentice to h..

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In the Neighbourhood of Fame

Rock musician Jed Jordan’s former fame means the events in his life have become public property. Years after 'Captain of the Rules' made him world famous in New Zealand, Jed is living quietly in an Auckland suburb with his family, growing peppers and recording in his home studio, when some disturbing new attention threatens to tear his wor..

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New Hokkaido

It is 1987, forty-five years after Japan conquered New Zealand, and the brutal shackles of the occupation have loosened a little: English can be spoken by natives in the home, and twenty-year-old Business English teacher Chris Ipswitch has a job at the Wellington Language Academy. But even Chris and his famous older brother—the Night Train..

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