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The House Guest

Robin Dromgoole, the only son of a widowed mother, learns to cook with Emmeline who lives next door. But Lisa on the other side, whom he minded when she was a baby, is the girl he marries. As ususal Anderson's writing is dazzling, she writes from the heart and shoots from the hip. ..  More

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The House That Wade Built

Karen was ready to spread her wings. She had broken her engagement a year ago and had been content to live at home with her mother since then, but now she was restless and ready to move on. That was when Wade asked her to partner him at his twenty-first birthday celebrations. She had no idea that this invitation was going to change her life forever..  More

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The Ice Shelf

The Ice Shelf: an eco-comedyOn the eve of flying to Antarctica to take up an arts fellowship, thirty-something Janice, recently separated, has a long night of remembrance, regret and realisation as she goes about the city looking for a friend to take care of her fridge while she’s away. En route she discards section after section of her manuscript ..  More

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The Imaginary Museum of Atlantis

The subject of Jack Ross’s latest book is amnesia. A man washes up alone on a beach with no memory of who or where he is; a woman finds him and takes him back to her house. He scans her library to find some clue to his past, his location. Could this strange new world be Atlantis? Jack Ross captures the disoriented state of his lead character in the..  More

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The Intentions Book

The Intentions Book is a tender and funny novel about love and communication, and the ways our families shape us. Morris Goldberg is a man who can't cry. Semi-retired from his career as a metadata analyst, he lives alone and conducts imaginary conversations with his recently-deceased wife, Sadie. Then news arrives that his daughter Rachel is..  More

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The Invisible Mile

The 1928 Ravat-Wonder team from New Zealand and Australia were the first English-speaking team to ride the Tour de France. From June through July they faced one of toughest in the race’s history: 5,476 kilometres of unsealed roads on heavy, fixed-wheel bikes. They rode in darkness through mountains with no light and brakes like glass. They weren’t ..  More

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The Invisible Rider

Philip Fetch is a lawyer with an office in a suburban shopping mall, a husband and father, and a cyclist on Wellington’s narrow and winding streets. He is also a man who increasingly finds simple things in life baffling. As he moves through the sometimes alarming and sometimes comical episodes of this novel, a break in the hurtling flow of..  More

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The Library of Unfinished Business

Maurice, a small-town librarian, dies one Monday morning in a fiery car crash. Finding himself in a very unexpected afterlife, he befriends Kit, who knows more than he shouldabout Heaven – and about Maurice’s life on Earth.Meanwhile, Maurice’s daughter Andy struggles to come to terms with the death of her ineffectual father. Tasked with preparing h..  More

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The Life and Times of Eddie McGrath

Eddie wins a national competition where she can spend a day with her local MP and give a speech in Parliament (where she'll meet the Prime Minister) but it's a prize Eddie doesn't want! When her dad is injured in a workplace accident he sets his sights on getting better for Eddie's day with the Eddie sets her sights on going through with it..  More

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The Manger, the Mikdash and the Mosque

The fifth Dan Delaney mystery has the former detective and spy-catcher and his family on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land which goes wrong from the moment they arrive. A plot is underway to desecrate sacred sites and incite conflict between the three great religions who call Jerusalem home. The Israeli authorities are determined to prevent another ter..  More

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The Mystery of the Missing Ministers

Me? An investigator?When two ministers vanish from the Beehive, Eryn finds herself hired as a junior investigator tasked with discovering why. With the whole country following the events and the kidnappers flaunting cryptic photos of Wellington landmarks, she must master her new job, avoid the police, and compete with more experienced sleuths ..  More

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The Naked Soul

One person with impeccable faith, and a soul so bright that she could change everything. If Kara does not achieve that … Earth and all upon her will die.Into the abyssBecause only thereCan our lightMake such a differenceInto the abyssBecause someone must(Not just a novel … a spiritual guidebook!)              ..  More

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The New Animals

Carla, Sharon and Duey have worked in fashion for longer than they care to remember. For them, there’s nothing new under the sun. They’re Generation X: tired, cynical and sick of being used.Tommy, Cal and Kurt are millennials. They’ve come from nowhere, but with their monied families behind them they’re ready to remake fashion. They represent the n..  More

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The New Ships

I think it’s fair to say I was rewarded, praised, applauded, more than most fathers.Peter Collie is adrift in the wake of his wife’s death. His attempts to understand the turn his life has taken lead him back to the past, to dismaying events on an Amsterdam houseboat in the seventies, returning to New Zealand and meeting Moira, an amateur painter w..  More

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The Phoenix Song

A young violin prodigy grows up in Harbin and Shanghai amidst the absurd and often deadly politics of mid-century China. Under the dual influences of her revolutionary parents and the White Russian intellectuals who are her tutors (and who provide her with a link, personal and tragic, to the composer Dmitri Shostakovich) she is drawn into a prec..  More

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The Plot to Kill Peter Fraser

Prime Minister Peter Fraser returns to New Zealand in 1945 after playing a major part in shaping the United Nations. In the process he has made powerful enemies, who are aware he has dissolved his country's Security Intelligence Bureau. The Commissioner of Police charges Detective Delaney with tracking down assassins through Wellington's black mark..  More

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The Quest For Silk New

The Quest For Silk

Fresh from her success in her first murder trial at the Old Bailey, Penelope Lloyd-Hargreaves is persuaded to represent a senior Queen’s Council who is in grave danger of being disbarred. Having accepted the case, she must call upon every ounce of expertise to achieve a satisfactory result. But is it enough? Will she prevail? And what of the reques..  More

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The Reed Warbler

And how could she go on living between two worlds, one she knew and understood but could no longer be in, and another that she was in but was not permitted to know?Pregnant after rape, seventeen-year-old Josephina Hansen is exiled from her family home in Kiel in the north of Germany. She finds refuge with her sister’s Danish family in Sønderborg, t..  More

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The Rehearsal

  Named Best First Novel in the Montana New Zealand Book Awards 2009 Longlisted for the Guardian First Book Award . A high-school sex scandal jolts a group of teenage girls into a new awareness of their own potency and power. The sudden and total publicity seems to turn every act into a performance, and every platform into a sta..  More

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The Road to Madhapur

You will never make a doctor.The professor’s harsh words threaten to end Theo Malone’s medical career before he sees his first patient. The idealistic Kiwi is determined to prove the professor wrong—until the death of a child from meningitis during a student assignment in Uganda shatters his confidence.Australian teenager Elisha is furious when her..  More

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The Scam

A fictional tale of an international crime syndicate who try to scam the New Zealand game of Lotto. Will they succeed or will familiarity breed contempt and their plans crumble? ..  More

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The Seasonwife

It’s 1832 on an isolated coast on the South Island of New Zealand. A lush and tranquil bay is facing a season of upheaval. White men are whaling, sealing, whoring and warring. Creatures are culled, woods are felled. But something more sinister is afoot. There is much demand amongst the English gentry for the rich resources and curiosities to be fou..  More

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The Secret of the Scavengers' Skulls

When two ancient skulls disappear from under the noses of archaeologists, Eryn finds herself caught in a whirlpool of bias and bigotry. As she digs deeper, she has to ask herself: Who did the bones belong to, and where did they really come from?The job is clear: Return the skulls to the client. But when Eryn uncovers the truth, she must decide whet..  More

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The Strength of Eggshells

A novel, with a strong rural New Zealand setting, about three generations of women: one who rides a motorbike into the past, her mother who communicated only through the poetry she wrote and a grandmother who came to live in an isolated farming community with a war damaged soldier beyond the Bridge to Nowhere. ..  More

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