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Rotoroa Island in the Hauraki Gulf, tiny and isolated, is home to a Salvation Army facility for alcoholic men. It’s also where three people at very different points in their lives share a fleeting encounter. There is Katherine, known to history as Elsie K. Morton, famous journalist and author; Jim, an alcoholic with a young family; and Lorna, a tee..  More

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Sacred Land (Book Two in the Wraiths and Strays series)

Marcus and James, of Wraiths and Strays Paranormal Investigations, are still recovering from the trauma of the death of their fellow investigator Tim, when they meet Zygismund Wijoic, a young Polish film director who appears to have been following their paranormal investigations online with unusual interest. Accompanied by the mysterious and alluri..  More

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Sado n. shadow 2. reflection 3. humiliation, dishonour—A New Bislama DictionaryFriday 13 March, 2015: Category 5 Tropical Cyclone Pam makes landfall with devastating consequences. Vanuatu is bruised but not broken. Reeling from the loss of livelihood and struggling to meet basic human needs, people start to reassemble their lives.Cathryn is an NGO ..  More

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Salt Picnic

All the time on the island there had been something she was looking for. She knew she had to keep this in mind, and that she’d know what it was when she found it. Whatever it proved to be.It’s 1956 and Iola arrives on the island of Ibiza, on the fringes of Franco’s Spain, with little more than a Spanish phrasebook. Soon she meets a fascinating Amer..  More

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Secrets of the Land

An engrossing thriller. A former journalist is bewildered when a mysterious stranger insists her grandfather in New Zealand needs help: she thought her grandfather long dead. In Taranaki Imogen finds a long shadow hangs over her grandfather’s land – from 1864 when the British army fought the Taranaki Māori, to 1975 when Imogen’s grandparents arri..  More

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Sewing Moonlight

It’s winter of 1928, and young German man Wilhelm Erdinger is left stranded in the remote New Zealand village of Falters Mill.Wilhelm purchases a piece of land capable of providing the kind of sustainable, self-sufficient life he craves, and a shack he soon begins to call home. Though he is regarded with suspicion by many in the local community, he..  More

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Shaking 1960

Steve Marr launches 1960 illegally up the Eastbourne Mardi Gras pole, police waiting below. His year fast-tracks into the student protest ‘No Maoris, No Tour’ gatherings and the all-white All Black trials. He and an anarchist prankster raid the visiting American nuclear submarine and the statue symbolising the British Empire and join in..  More

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She's a Killer

 The world’s climate is in crisis and New Zealand is being divided and reshaped by privileged immigrant wealthugees.Thirty-something Alice has a near-genius IQ and lives at home with her mother with whom she communicates by Morse code. Alice’s imaginary friend, Simp, has shown up, with a running commentary on her failings. ‘I mean, can you eve..  More

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When twenty-one-year-old builder Joe Wright meets Leo, he falls in love hard, and seemingly for ever. Mature, philosophical and intensely handsome, Leo teaches Joe an appreciation of music and literature, and, most importantly, a passion for the beautiful old buildings that are disappearing from Auckland’s central city. But when Leo suddenly vanish..  More

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SJilai: part two of Of a Note in a Cosmic Song

A new planet.A new life.A one-way trip.The colonists of DJar, all seeking a better future, each with their own past, and their own beliefs about right and wrong, try everything they can to create a new government and a new culture they can all be happy with.Four years at breakneck speed is all it should take to bring the colonists to their new home..  More

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Slightly Peculiar Love Stories

Whimsical, intense, pensive or amorous — we bring you a love story for every mood, each a little unorthodox, mysterious, or slightly peculiar. Slightly Peculiar Love Stories paint a grand mandala of experience and circumstance: love appears and disappears; it aches and it dares; amuses and amazes; hurts, heals and begins again. ..  More

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Somebody Loves Us All

Paddy Thompson, speech therapist, newspaper columnist, is fifty and happy. His dark period is behind him: a failed marriage, a career crisis. Now he lives with Helena (‘the best thing that ever happened to him’), helps kids with their speech problems, and has moved his mother into the next-door apartment. His life feels sane and sett..  More

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Song of the Brakeman

Bill Direen’s fifth novel takes place in a world where the earth’s resources are almost exhausted, the water supplies are contaminated and parts of the landmasses have imploded. A life and death struggle occurs between two irreconciliable forces: one in possession of the earth’s remaining wealth and power, the other carrying the genetic key to the ..  More

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Soup and Bread

For Vonnie, dinnertime means Mum complaining that she's picky, and school means PE (ugh!) and bullies - but she's learned to ignore them. But now Mum's threatening to make soup and bread for every meal - forever - and Frank, the new kid, is picking fights, and Vonnie can't ignore them. But she can't do anything... right? She's just a kid..  More

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Southerly Change

Southerly Change opens in 1850 with the arrival of Olive at the fictitious Port where she meets Hongi Winiata. So begins the family saga.Port itself is like a character with its ebb and flow of change. From the pioneering days when Port was settled, alongside Māori in their already established pā nearby, town planning clawed for improvements and co..  More

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Spies, Lies and Secret Agents

A light-hearted tale for the 21st Century guaranteed to put a smile on your face. An easy read for the poolside, the beach or a rainy afternoon at home.In the little village of Appledale, brothers, Igor, Erik and Sid, are scraping a living running a residential home for the elderly and a local laundry service, when Lady Luck makes an appearance.One..  More

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Stamp in the Creek

This is the final in the comic Cavanagh family Up the Creek trilogy. In Gold in the Creek the village fought restructuring. Geyser in the Creek offered tourist salvation. Stamp in the Creek has the youthful postmaster facing departmental disapproval and the disappearance of his son after witnessing the theft of the safe. The stationmaster, t..  More

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Star Sailors

In the not too distant future, the effects of climate change devastate the world and New Zealand becomes a haven for elites. When a young couple from the wrong side of the tracks gain entry into Wellington’s most exclusive gated community, it appears their troubles are over. But they find themselves divided over the identity of Sam Starsailor, an a..  More

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Journalist Grace Marks, needing a story to boost her career and finances, is intrigued by a surge in minor crime in New Zealand suburbs. She discovers it’s organised, but why? Her investigations lead her to Will Manilow, CEO of Erebus Optics, whose security company uses innovative technology from America.Manilow’s business is booming but he’s suspi..  More

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Tane’s War

In 1953, Briar is a dreamer whose behaviour sees him sent to a training farm to be turned into a man. The plan backfires when his arrival awakens feelings in Aussie, the assistant shearer.Tane, now an elderly foreman on the farm, recognises the connection for what it is, seeing in the two boys, a mirror of his past. When the boys’ relationship is e..  More

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Tarquin the Honest: The Hand of Glodd

Tarquin the Honest, Wizard of the Silver Weasel, is a liar, a coward, a charlatan and a cheat. And, according to his diminutive roguish sidekick Lunar Nix, those are his most endearing qualities.On a perilous quest to recover The Golden Gauntlet for a mysterious patron, Tarquin and his band of unlikely warriors must navigate the terrors of the Sorr..  More

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Tasting the Strange

Vita (Victoria) is the child of a career scientist and an English pianist. She has a damaged heart. Unable to go outside, let alone go to school, she develops a fantasy world of pirates and brigands.After a life-saving operation, Vita slowly and painfully tries to be ‘normal’. She struggles with school and finds acceptance with school friend, Louis..  More

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An inventive exploration of Indigenous families, womanhood, and alternate post-colonial realities by a writer of Māori and Coast Salish descent. Dear grandmother, I am writing this song for you. I am a stranger in this place, he tauhou ahau, reintroducing myself to your land.Tauhou envisions a shared past between two Indigenous cultures, set o..  More

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In the silence she could hear the oncoming hum, like a large flock approaching. She didn’t want to hear his story; she’d had enough of them.Tess is on the run when she’s picked up from the side of the road by lonely middle-aged father Lewis Rose. With reluctance, she’s drawn into his family troubles and comes to know a life she never had.Set in Mas..  More

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