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The Absolute Book

Taryn Cornick believes that the past is behind her – her sister’s death by violence, and her own ill-conceived revenge. She has chosen to live a life more professional than personal. She has written a book about the things that threaten libraries – insects, damp, light, fire, carelessness and uncaring. The book is a success, but not all of the atte..  More

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The Alexandrite

Who is the stranger found dead in the woods outside Pamela, Lady Scawton’s family home? Why washe carrying a stone that changes colour and a threatening letter?The quest threads from World War One to the present day and from an English village to New Zealandfarmland, to discover how past events are intertwined with the present. To unravel the myste..  More

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The Angel's Cut

A sequel to her award-winning bestseller The Vintner's Luck, The Angel's Cut is an evocative and wildly romantic new novel from Elizabeth Knox. Boomtown Los Angeles, 1929: Into a world of movies lots and speakeasies comes Xas, stunt flier and wingless angel, still nursing his broken heart, and determined only to go on living in the a..  More

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The ANZAC Conspiracy

A fictional story about a possible terrorist bomb threat in New Zealand. ..  More

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The Axeman's Carnival

Everywhere, the birds: sparrows and skylarks and thrushes, starlings and bellbirds, fantails and pipits – but above them all and louder, the magpies. We are here and this is our tree and we’re staying and it is ours and you need to leave and now. Tama is just a helpless chick when he is rescued by Marnie, and this is where his story might have..  More

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The Back of His Head

Raymond Thomas Lawrence was one of the great literary colossi to bestride the twentieth century. He turned his upbringing in conservative Canterbury and participation in the Algerian War of Independence into a series of novels that dazzled the world, and eventually won him the Nobel Prize for Literature. Seven years after Lawrence’s death, however,..  More

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The Beat of the Pendulum

From the author of the acclaimed The Wish Child comes something unexpected and fearless: a found novel. The Beat of the Pendulum is the result of one year in which Chidgey drew upon the language she encountered on a daily basis, such as news stories, radio broadcasts, emails, social media, street signs, TV, and many conversations. As Chidgey filter..  More

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The Boyfriend

Erica is 17 and in her last year of high school. Donny is 42 and everywhere – in her yoga class, at German Club, in her parents’ spare room . . .The story of a young woman who finds herself subject to the gravitational field of a charismatic man, The Boyfriend is a cautionary tale about blindly accepting traditional ‘love’ narratives.This clear-eye..  More

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The Burning River

In a radically changed Aotearoa New Zealand, Van’s life in the swamp is hazardous. Sheltered by Rau and Matewai, he mines plastic and trades to survive. When a young visitor summons him to the fenced settlement on the hill, he is offered a new and frightening responsibility—a perilous inland journey that leads to a tense confrontation and the prosp..  More

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The Calm Beyond

A clash of cultures in colonial Aotearoa/New Zealand.A tale of values, a clash of cultures, with life-or-death consequences.In 1840’s Aotearoa/New Zealand, this is the story of two yearnings: a Pākehā’s hunger for land and a Māori chief’s need to protect both a birth right and what he has taken from others. It is the story of two laws: British law ..  More

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The Captive Wife

When Betty Guard steps ashore in Sydney, in 1834, she meets with a heroine's welcome. Her survival during a four-month kidnapping ordeal amongst Taranaki Maori is hailed as nothing short of a miracle. But questions about what really happened slowly surface within the ?lite governing circles of the raw new town of Sydney. Jacky Guard, ex-conv..  More

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The Catastrophe

  The Age of Excess has been good to Christopher Hare. One of the world’s top food writers, he has travelled to the best restaurants in the most exotic locations, with the chic dining companion known to readers of his lavish books as Thé Glacé. But, in the new mood of austerity ushered in by the credit crunch, will t..  More

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The Children's Pond

Jessica Pollard has moved to Turangi to be near her son Reuben who is in prison there. While working at a trout-fishing lodge on the Tongariro River, Jessica slips into a relationship with a handsome, charming Maori lawyer. When the body of his troubled niece Chantelle is found in the Children's Pond, Jessica's own past as a teenager in prison c..  More

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The Convict Stain

Late January 1985 Dame Kiri is launching Vukovich Sauvignon Blanc on the Sydney Opera House steps with major shareholders the Delaney family present. The American nuclear warship the Buchanan is in harbour for ANZUS exercises and protesters are out in force, among them Ali Delaney and her American boyfriend.Detective Sergeant Maria Pikowai, née Del..  More

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The Death Ray Debacle

In June 1935 Takapuna inventor Victor Penny was attacked by foreign agents seeking what the newspapers dubbed a ‘death ray’. The government secretly shifted him to Somes Island in Wellington harbour to develop the weapon. The novel of this true story is told by Temporary Acting Detective Dan Delaney, seconded to Special Branch, forerunner of the Se..  More

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The Democracy Game

Populist political parties are increasing their influence across the world. It couldn’t happen in New Zealand, could it?Journalist Grace Marks is investigating two unrelated stories – New Zealand’s alt-right, and the emergence of a new organisation, ProtectNZ. When she finds ‘dead man’s hand’ stuck to her front door with a knife, it’s obvious she’s..  More

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The Denniston Rose

The bleak coal-mining settlement of Denniston, isolated high on a plateau above New Zealand's West Coast, is a place that makes or breaks those who live there. At the time of this novel - the1880s - the only way to reach the makeshift collection of huts, tents and saloons is to climb aboard an empty coal-wagon to be hauled 2000 feet up the t..  More

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The Disinvent Movement

‘Every week we would disinvent something. This week it would be plastic. Next week it would be the aeroplane. I stood outside the supermarket and handed out flyers, which people kindly refused as they left carrying large packs of bottled water.’The short history of the Disinvent Movement is told by its creator as she looks back on her life in New Z..  More

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The Doctor's Wife

Nothing in Stan Andino’s unremarkable life could prepare him for the day he discovers his wife in the living room,  naked except for a black apron, bleaching out a stain in the carpet that only she can see.A CT scan one week later explains the seemingly inexplicable; Carmen Andino has a brain tumour. As Stan and their teenage sons grapple..  More

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The Genison Cavalry

“the American people are on a need-to-know basis and the 37th state of Genison is not something they need to know” – Jack McCraeLuke Sawyer is an ex-slave and former Union soldier-turned-lawman. Along with his partner, Jack McCrae, Luke is tasked with finding Charles Lee Ringo – a maniacal cult leader with a loyal army of disgruntled former co..  More

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The Glass Harmonica

Young Chjara Vallé, full of irrepressible music and sensuality, is exiled from Corsica — sold as a servant to an opium addict in Paris. Music paves the way for her to flee with Henry, her love, to New England. There the new freedoms and Puritan vigour vie for ascendancy. What will the Americans make of this throat-singing, glass har..  More

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The Greening (Book One in The Silvana Chronicles) New

The Greening (Book One in The Silvana Chronicles)

Once heard, the song of a Silvana can never be forgotten.Yet for every man who wins such a wifethere are three destroyed in the attempt.Fabiom of Deepvale dreams of winning the love of a Silvana, one of the mysterious and powerful tree spirits who haunt the deepest groves of the wildwood. But when he is suddenly thrown into the political arena and ..  More

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The Happiness Inquisition

One night a child is admitted to the hospital, the victim of abuse.  But who made the anonymous phone call that caused the series of events that led to this tragedy? And why did they do it?  ..  More

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The Hollywood School of Dressmaking

When the camera rolls who can tell what is movie script and what is real life? It is 1929 and few people are who they say they are when Hollywood on Tour comes to town to make a movie with a scattering of Stars plus throngs of star-struck locals. So when Hollywood on Tour collides with the innocent young local seamstresses of The Hollywood School o..  More

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