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What every primary school teacher should know about vocabulary

This book is written for teachers of young children aged from 5 to 12 years in primary schools who want to support students’ English vocabulary. Most of these children will be native speakers of English, although the increasing cultural and linguistic diversity of our communities suggests a significant number will be from homes where other language..  More

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What's Māori About Māori Education?, by Wally Penitito (Education) New

What's Māori About Māori Education?

It is relatively easy to critique the New Zealand education system and show how inequalities in the treatment of Māori students have gone on for generations, to the extent that Māori justifiably perceive the system as being inherently biased against them. It is far more difficult to explain why Māori, despite their warrior heritage, persist in seek..  More

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What's the Hurry?

For more than a century, New Zealand governments have periodically put the House of Representatives into “urgency”. As its name suggests, urgency is a device by which legislation can be passed in a hurry if there is a genuine need to do so. But it also serves a more generic function. Urgency is used to extend the House’s sittin..  More

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Writing for Impact

Teaching students to write for impact sets them up for success across many curriculum areas.Tom Nicholson and Sue Dymock analysed research on teaching writing to identify the skills students need to write for impact. Their approach is based on a simple view of writing: it is ideas presented well. The two volumes of this book work together to explai..  More

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