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Goliath and the Gang

Aaron was just five years old when they took his mother away …Raised by his aunt after losing his mother, he’s bullied by his uncle and tormented by his loathsome cousins. His dream of making something of his life, of becoming an entrepreneur like his late father, rapidly disappears in the wake of his miserable childhood.The sudden appearance of a ..  More

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Hauntings (Book One in the Wraiths and Strays series)

Best friends, Marcus and James, living in the quiet village of Boughton Chapel in Kent, unexpectedly find themselves redundant and out of work. Faced with a grim future of dole queues and dead-end jobs, they decide instead to set themselves up as paranormal investigators. Equipped with little more than enthusiasm and the variable support of their f..  More

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Henry Morton's Pupil

Against the backdrop of London in the Swinging Sixties, Penelope Lloyd-Hargreaves, recently called to the Bar, serves her pupillage under the supervision of Henry Morton, the senior barrister at Forsythe Chambers. Defending a young man framed for murder, Penny and Morton find their case is part of something far larger and more complex, involvi..  More

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This is a play within a play, which has been written in regard to children’s psychology in the Asian culture, especially in the Bengali society. The playwright has observed how children influence their friends and family and interact as playmates with each other in this drama production, which helps to realise their cognitive development and behavi..  More

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Igniting Resilience

Christine Burns, an illustrious leadership and performance specialist, consistently inspired her clients to be courageous, step out of their comfort zone, stand tall with confidence, and ignite their resilience in the face of adversity no matter what. Little did she know, 40 seconds into that phone call as her life took a drastic turn for the worse..  More

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A true story of a journey from darkness into light.Most of us would consider the gift of innocence to be the birthright of every baby brought into this world.Unfortunately, within New Zealand, a perpetuating cycle of violence and poverty can often deny this birthright. Witere ‘Wi’ Peepe is one of those who never received his ‘gift of innocence..  More

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Invincible is the story of an unknown New Zealand hero.This is the incredible story of one man’s journey through a world war and then onto world-wide sporting glory.It is a story of friendship, redemption and hope. Of luck and guts, loneliness and terror, kindness and salvation, sportsmanship, resurrection and healing.Son White signs up to fight in..  More

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Leaping Into Love

Since Mollie was little, she’s dreamed of a gorgeous frog whisking her away and loving her forever. So far, all of her lovers have left her with a broken heart. Enter Freddie, the handsome leader of the local choir. Will Freddie be able to help Mollie to move past her previous rejections and leap into love?Leaping Into Love is an allegorical story ..  More

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Lessons From The Drought

Lessons From the Drought is a collection of poems that, while rooted in the universal experience of the pandemic, reflect the poet’s journey from isolation, loneliness and self-doubt to a kind of redemption in the small joys of the quotidian and the transformative powers of poetry.Art Nahill is a physician, educator, and writer based in Auckland. H..  More

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Mad if Y' Do

It was past midnight, and I was only a few kilometres from my destination when I noticed flashing blue lights in my rear-view mirror…It’s the summer of 1980 and Sam, a charismatic young man of eighteen years, leaves New Zealand seeking adventure. A series of dramatic events unfold, trapping Sam on the South Coast of NSW.He meets and befriends expat..  More

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Malakim: Battle of the Outback

Mason is not happy with his life selling insurance, but it all changes when he discovers that he has paranormal powers and is visited by Gabriel, a sentient being. Mason is told that he and others like him with telekinetic powers are required to help fight off a pending invasion of aliens.Gabriel’s adversary is another sentient with an old feud tha..  More

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New Zealand: Paradise Squandered?

What urgent issues do New Zealanders face today? Affordable healthcare and affordable housing immediately spring to mind. This book reflects on what New Zealand and New Zealanders have lost, and on the future direction of the country and those living in it. Covering topics as wide-ranging as healthcare, finance, trade and industry, land and propert..  More

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Nightshades and Paperwhites

Alexandra, 1866 The Gold Rush has been and gone. Alexandra is fast becoming a town of dwindling opportunities, especially for Ginny Doyle, an intelligent, young Irish woman with dreams of painting her way through Europe.   New life is breathed into the town as Chinese miners arrive to rework the old claims. Curiosity draws Ginny down to t..  More

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No Second Prize

Take a flick through the pages of this book and see if something arouses your curiosity.This book represents 26 years of artwork and written material. It has been compiled in such a way as to be relevant 26 years ago and also today and into the future. Our human condition has never changed, and never will, despite technology, our social advances, a..  More

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Not A Leg To Stand On

“Suddenly, I’ve a strong impulse to fall to the floor and kiss the therapist’s feet. I’m feeling more in control of my life and a whole lot happier. It is almost like being born again...”Think you’ve got it tough? Then read this book: an autobiography that will shock, inspire and move you to tears. Find out how Amy Hindley overcomes illiteracy and ..  More

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On Being Dyslexic

Who is the dyslexic in your life? A son or a daughter? A grandchild or a pupil? Maybe you are the dyslexic yourself? In this book, Sarah Platt takes you on the journey of her own story with dyslexia, weaving you in and out of the decades of her life. You will meet both heroes and villains. You will laugh at the funny moments and be indignant at th..  More

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Portents from Beyond the Edge

Following the devastating earthquakes of 2010 and 2011, poet-shaman Kevin Moran leaves Christchurch in search of new beginnings. As he travels he writes a series of 151 small poems and a travel journal. Extracts from the journal are included in the book.The poems speak of the natural world, the path of Self-realisation and the way of Aroha (love) w..  More

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Refugee Turned Patriot

This is the story of a man, his family, and his determination to survive the Holocaust by fleeing Nazi-controlled Austria and Czechoslovakia. It’s all the more compelling for having been told without malice by a man who was both a grateful refugee and an essentially private person. It reveals how refugees were received in New Zealand in the late 19..  More

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Retirement in a Tent: From Dream to Reality

Everyone has a personal and individual Dream which involves their own interests, what they are looking for, and what they might find. Faye dreamed of freedom. Freedom to follow her own agenda. Freedom to fulfil her wanderlust within the limits of a fixed income. Freedom from other people’s expectations. What is your Dream? Is it your Reality? ..  More

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Running on Empty: Antidepressants and Youth Suicide

Running on Empty reviews the incidence of youth suicide (14–25 years) since the 1980s in New Zealand, the cost of youth suicide to society, the incidence of mental health in young New Zealanders and the prescription of antidepressants to combat depression and anxiety in young people.Despite the prescription of antidepressants to combat depression a..  More

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Sacred Land (Book Two in the Wraiths and Strays series)

Marcus and James, of Wraiths and Strays Paranormal Investigations, are still recovering from the trauma of the death of their fellow investigator Tim, when they meet Zygismund Wijoic, a young Polish film director who appears to have been following their paranormal investigations online with unusual interest. Accompanied by the mysterious and alluri..  More

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Set Yourself Free: A Kiwi's Guide to Financial Success

Lindsay Hay was the commercial-industrial guy at Century 21 for twelve years, covering the Nelson-Marlborough area of New Zealand. Over that period, folk would chat to him about their financial investments. They often said things like, “Fixed interest is so disappointing! It’s taxed at source and inflation eats into the capital I’ve inves..  More

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Short Head and Yard

EIGHTEEN STORIES – five minutes each to read. Set in a sheepdog trial framework, with three stories gathered into a themed pen to represent three sheep used in each trial run.Urban readers in particular will note the rural tags for trials faced by farmers and those living and working in rural New Zealand. Rural readers will relate to the reality an..  More

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Sky Full of Stars

Sky Full of Stars is the culmination of a promise made to my granddaughter to create a book of letters from her great, great grandfather, Harold Musson. He wrote almost daily to his wife from the trenches of France during The Great War.Little did I know what that promise had in store for me, that I would become penpals with a man who was long dead...  More

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