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Spies, Lies and Secret Agents

A light-hearted tale for the 21st Century guaranteed to put a smile on your face. An easy read for the poolside, the beach or a rainy afternoon at home.In the little village of Appledale, brothers, Igor, Erik and Sid, are scraping a living running a residential home for the elderly and a local laundry service, when Lady Luck makes an appearance.One..  More

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Journalist Grace Marks, needing a story to boost her career and finances, is intrigued by a surge in minor crime in New Zealand suburbs. She discovers it’s organised, but why? Her investigations lead her to Will Manilow, CEO of Erebus Optics, whose security company uses innovative technology from America.Manilow’s business is booming but he’s suspi..  More

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Tackling Depression and Bullying

Depression is a problem for many people in New Zealand, affecting approximately one in ten Kiwis. This book focuses on my personal experience with depression and strategies I have used to manage it. It is my hope that by reading this book, anyone who is struggling with depression can use the strategies I have outlined to improve their lives and ..  More

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The (Almost) True Story of a Man Called Jack

The (almost) true story of a man Called Jack is about my father, John Frederick Lingard Fowlds. I decided to write this as a fictionalized memoir, combining the genres of fiction and memoir. By altering names and events, I could write about my family as ‘other’, enabling me to write more objectively of the personal events involved. The story r..  More

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The Calm Beyond

A clash of cultures in colonial Aotearoa/New Zealand.A tale of values, a clash of cultures, with life-or-death consequences.In 1840’s Aotearoa/New Zealand, this is the story of two yearnings: a Pākehā’s hunger for land and a Māori chief’s need to protect both a birth right and what he has taken from others. It is the story of two laws: British law ..  More

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The Democracy Game

Populist political parties are increasing their influence across the world. It couldn’t happen in New Zealand, could it?Journalist Grace Marks is investigating two unrelated stories – New Zealand’s alt-right, and the emergence of a new organisation, ProtectNZ. When she finds ‘dead man’s hand’ stuck to her front door with a knife, it’s obvious she’s..  More

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The Fable of a Stable Climate

Dr Gerrit J. van der Lingen is a geologist and paleoclimatologist. Studying climate change in the past made him realise that the belief in modern catastrophic man-made global warming, caused by carbon dioxide, is not supported by sound science. He became involved in the debate between the belief in dangerous man-made global warming and science base..  More

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The Genison Cavalry

“the American people are on a need-to-know basis and the 37th state of Genison is not something they need to know” – Jack McCraeLuke Sawyer is an ex-slave and former Union soldier-turned-lawman. Along with his partner, Jack McCrae, Luke is tasked with finding Charles Lee Ringo – a maniacal cult leader with a loyal army of disgruntled former co..  More

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The Gospel of Isaiah

The Gospel of Isaiah is a written miracle. There is no other explanation. It was written about 600 years before the time of Jesus of Bethlehem and Nazareth and fulfilled accurately by Ihu Te Karaiti (Jesus The Christ) sometime around AD 33-36. This book focuses mainly on Isaiah chapter 53 – “The Banned Chapter”. Most (if not all) Jewish synagogues ..  More

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The Gospel of King David

The Gospel of King David is the second book of The Four Gospels-In-Advance collection of written miracles. And a powerful written miracle it is too!Some people who have very limited, if any, knowledge of the Holy Bible and the Old and New Testaments, upon reading Psalm 22 think they are reading from the New Testament or even the Gospels. So vivid i..  More

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The Greening (Book One in The Silvana Chronicles) New

The Greening (Book One in The Silvana Chronicles)

Once heard, the song of a Silvana can never be forgotten.Yet for every man who wins such a wifethere are three destroyed in the attempt.Fabiom of Deepvale dreams of winning the love of a Silvana, one of the mysterious and powerful tree spirits who haunt the deepest groves of the wildwood. But when he is suddenly thrown into the political arena and ..  More

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The Hollywood School of Dressmaking

When the camera rolls who can tell what is movie script and what is real life? It is 1929 and few people are who they say they are when Hollywood on Tour comes to town to make a movie with a scattering of Stars plus throngs of star-struck locals. So when Hollywood on Tour collides with the innocent young local seamstresses of The Hollywood School o..  More

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The House That Wade Built

Karen was ready to spread her wings. She had broken her engagement a year ago and had been content to live at home with her mother since then, but now she was restless and ready to move on. That was when Wade asked her to partner him at his twenty-first birthday celebrations. She had no idea that this invitation was going to change her life forever..  More

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The Journey of the Guardian Stone

1914, the waters of Whakaraupō ripple with tension of soldiers leaving for war…Jean Fraser, a nurse at the Lyttelton Casualty Ward, and Kaito Nimura, an idealistic navy Lieutenant, meet by chance. Caught up in the romance and patriotic fervour, Kaito promises enduring love with his most precious possession, a guardian stone made by his beloved gran..  More

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The Last, the Least, the Lonely and the Lost

This eclectic memoir spans nearly 70 years, including over 50 years of medical experiences, and describes the intriguing journey of a doctor in a changing world. From working class roots in Glasgow, the author includes student adventures and travels, the rigours of postgraduate training, and the richness and variety of a peripatetic medical life. I..  More

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The Naked Soul

One person with impeccable faith, and a soul so bright that she could change everything. If Kara does not achieve that … Earth and all upon her will die.Into the abyssBecause only thereCan our lightMake such a differenceInto the abyssBecause someone must(Not just a novel … a spiritual guidebook!)              ..  More

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The Nature of ConTact C.A.R.E

ConTact C.A.R.E and the Flinchlock release method is a unique, simple, safe and effective pressure release modality, discovered by Dale Weston Speedy. It works by releasing pressure from surprise impact injuries in the bone. This book, The Nature Of ConTact C.A.R.E, looks at the foundations of this modality and the philosophy behind its discovery. ..  More

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The Paranormal - Is Normal!

This book won the New Zealand Ashton Wylie 2016 Mind, Body, Spirit Literary Award! Described by the judges convenor Adonia Wylie, as an outstanding body of work from within the genre.The judging panel of AWCT trustee Adonia Wylie, author Keith Hill and journalist Mike Alexander were unanimous in their overall choice of the winning book. At the pres..  More

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The Power and the Peril of Oil

The Power and the Peril of Oil is a passionately written account about how oil has given strength and empowered some countries while it has imperiled others. It documents the history, politics, and players in the quest for dominance of the Middle East and its highly prized resource. Oil has been the criteria for choosing allies or enemies for the U..  More

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The Quest For Silk New

The Quest For Silk

Fresh from her success in her first murder trial at the Old Bailey, Penelope Lloyd-Hargreaves is persuaded to represent a senior Queen’s Council who is in grave danger of being disbarred. Having accepted the case, she must call upon every ounce of expertise to achieve a satisfactory result. But is it enough? Will she prevail? And what of the reques..  More

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The Rip

Ten brilliant stories from the pen of Brian Millard.Here are themes ranging from fine art, politics, shearing, and boxing, to dancing the tango, set against backdrops from New Zealand, Poland, Argentina, England and America, in time frames from the early forties to the present. Each story imbued with compassion and humour, unique and complete in it..  More

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The Road to Madhapur

You will never make a doctor.The professor’s harsh words threaten to end Theo Malone’s medical career before he sees his first patient. The idealistic Kiwi is determined to prove the professor wrong—until the death of a child from meningitis during a student assignment in Uganda shatters his confidence.Australian teenager Elisha is furious when her..  More

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The Thread

Jack has come home to New Zealand. He’s getting old and he’s tired. When Jack sets off by boat from the coast, inland along a meandering tidal river to his hometown, he’s doing a favour for the Australian police — or so he hopes. Along the way, while discovering sites of what might be unexplained or even ancient occupation, he runs into troubl..  More

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The Truth About Them

Damien and Ali are pawns in an ethereal game of tug of war.As a Guardian Angel, Damien has made it his goal to find a better way to defeat the daemon horde once and for all. Through his struggles he learns the history of Heaven and why God and Lucifer came to war.As a daemon of the horde, Ali must manipulate the innermost thoughts and desires of pe..  More

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