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Teaching Reading Vocabulary

Teaching Reading Vocabulary presents five research-based vocabulary strategies that every student can use: making use of context clues when reading; breaking words into meaningful parts and understanding the structure of the English language; creating vocabulary concept maps; exploring the multiple meaning of words and figurative language; and s..  More

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Teaching Social Studies for Critical, Active Citizenship

Social studies education plays a critical role in developing young people as active and engaged citizens in uncertain, complex times. This edited collection presents the latest research, ideas and practice in the social studies learning area in Aotearoa New Zealand. The writers challenge educators and policy makers to think deeply about the purpose..  More

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Teaching to the North-East

Teaching to the North-East responds to the marginalisation of particular groups of students with a way of teaching intended to increase equity in the education system.One way this marginalisation happens is when the special qualities students bring to the classroom are treated as deficiencies. This consigns Indigenous, migrant, refugee, faith- base..  More

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The Chameleonic Learner

Author Dr Roseanna Bourke takes the reader on a fascinating exploration of learning: the theory, practice and young people’s take on it. What do you say to a young person who tells you her brain is an eighth full? Or to the one who says he only knows he has learned something when he receives a stamp or a sticker? This book is about how lea..  More

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The Character and Culture of the Catholic School

Today, in the face of great change, Catholic educators need to ask whether there is a gap between the vision of Catholic education handed on through tradition, and the reality of church and school life. This book considers the implications of the Catholic vision of education for the culture and life of the ..  More

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The Green Graduate

The challenge: every student graduates able to think and act as a sustainable practitioner, whatever their field. This is the goal Otago Polytechnic set itself and, as one of the main proponents, Samuel Mann became the go-to guy. Here he takes the reader on that journey and in doing so provides the framework for making sustainability a core ..  More

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The Hikairo Schema Primary

This adaptable guide invites kaiako to rethink approaches to engaging ākonga, re-envisage the teacher/learner dynamic, revise old habits, and reconfigure learning environments to acknowledge and embrace cultural differences. Kaiako can use The Hikairo Schema for Primary several times over, drawing on their previous experiences to inform and to deve..  More

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The Hikairo Schema: Early childhood education settings

This adaptable guide invites kaiako to rethink approaches to engaging tamariki, re-envisage the teacher/learner dynamic, revise old habits, and reconfigure learning environments to acknowledge and embrace cultural differences. Kaiako can use the Hikairo Schema several times over, drawing on their previous experiences to inform and to develop new an..  More

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The Kiss and the Ghost: Sylvia Ashton-Warner and New Zealand

Sylvia Ashton-Warner, novelist and educationist, was extraordinarily famous in the 1960s. She maintained that young children best learn to read and write when they produce their own vocabulary, especially sex words – like ‘kiss’, and fear words – like ‘ghost’. Educators lauded her. Her autobiographical nov..  More

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The New Zealand Dyslexia Handbook

This is an up-to-date resource written with the aim of improving the literacy of dyslexic students. The authors are experienced university teachers and researchers with expertise in literacy. In putting the book and DVD together, they consulted with other university researchers, students with dyslexia, their parents, classroom teachers and principa..  More

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Understanding enduring ideas in education

The journey towards becoming a teacher involves engaging with a range of theoretical and pedagogical knowledge, and fieldwork experiences. This edited collection is a response to recurring student feedback about the struggle to grasp the philosophical and political aspects of teaching and learning. For some, encountering broad open-ended questions ..  More

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Understanding NCEA (2nd ed)

The newest edition of Understanding NCEA is a must-read for all secondary school students and their parents. Since the publication of the first edition in 2011, there have been some big changes to NCEA level requirements and to University Entrance. Don’t get left in the dark. This second edition explains in plain language just ..  More

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Using the arts across the curriculum: Integrated lesson plans

Arts integration is a pedagogical approach to teaching and learning that employs arts activities to teach concepts where the focus is on another subject area. The process of arts integration means that students are engaged in doing, making, problem-solving, working collaboratively, and enjoying a voyage of discovery. When working collaboratively th..  More

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Vital Connections: Why we need more than self-managing schools

What was the real effect of the radical Tomorrow’s Schools reforms? Has New Zealand’s school system improved as a result? What changes are needed now to meet our expectations of schools? This is the definitive and compelling story of New Zealand school selfmanagement over more than two decades. Cathy Wylie explores the paths taken an..  More

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Weaving te Whāriki (3rd ed)

Weaving te Whāriki: Aotearoa New Zealand’s early childhood curriculum document in theory and practice (3rd edition) brings together revised and updated chapters from earlier editions, with new chapters that demonstrate the continuing significance of Te Whāriki. The book is organised around three themes: the development of Te Whāriki and its endurin..  More

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What every primary school teacher should know about vocabulary

This book is written for teachers of young children aged from 5 to 12 years in primary schools who want to support students’ English vocabulary. Most of these children will be native speakers of English, although the increasing cultural and linguistic diversity of our communities suggests a significant number will be from homes where other language..  More

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Writing for Impact

Teaching students to write for impact sets them up for success across many curriculum areas.Tom Nicholson and Sue Dymock analysed research on teaching writing to identify the skills students need to write for impact. Their approach is based on a simple view of writing: it is ideas presented well. The two volumes of this book work together to explai..  More

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