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Literacy across the divide

This book examines significant questions related to information literacy learning and student transition to higher education in Aotearoa New Zealand. It investigates important questions for student transition: what does it mean to be information literate in Aotearoa today? What could be the role of the library in our senior secondary schools and te..  More

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Locked Out: Understanding and Tackling School Exclusion

Schools work continually to keep students with challenging and difficult behaviour engaged in education. The message of this book is that more can and needs to be done. The audience of this book includes all those who work with excluded children: school, health and justice personnel; school trustees, parents and community workers.School exclusion i..  More

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Māori Pedagogies: A view from the literature

This publication reviews literature related to Māori teaching and learning styles.Manuscripts, archives, government reports, research reports, literature reviews, journal and newspaper articles, and publications and monographs were accessed to piece together a record of traditional and contemporary practices.The written record shows that Māori used..  More

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Mental Health Education and Hauora

This resource supports teaching children and young people about mental health, wellbeing, resilience, and interpersonal skills.  Teachers will discover ways to enhance student learning in four broad areas:- personal identity and wellbeing- communication and relationships with others- social issues and social justice (especially against discrim..  More

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Mentoring in Early Childhood Education

Mentoring is a fundamental and increasingly important part of professional learning and development for teachers in Aotearoa New Zealand. This book is a much-needed resource for mentors, leaders and teachers in early childhood education.It is the first of its kind: a wide ranging compilation that explores the thinking, pedagogy and practice of ment..  More

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NCEA in Context

This is a ground-breaking account of one of the most complicated qualification systems in the world. The National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) is predominantly used in the senior secondary school in Aotearoa New Zealand. Its introduction between 2002 and 2004 signalled a seismic shift in assessment practice.NCEA in Context offers a..  More

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Optimising your Academic Career

Beginning a new career as an academic is a daunting task. Carol Mutch’s latest book aims to demystify the process by providing new and intending academics with an insight in what to expect. The book is based around the real-life concerns and questions that were raised by the early career academics she worked with in her innovative Emerging Scholars..  More

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Peer Tutoring: A Training and Facilitation Guide

Students can make huge gains in academic grades and confidence with the help of peer tutoring. This book provides practical, research-based strategies for anyone wanting to run a peer tutoring programme or to improve their own tutoring practice.The book focuses on two key components of tutoring: the tutoring relationship and tutoring tools. The aut..  More

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Peter Smith: His life and legacy in art and education

Peter Smith was one of the most influential art educators in New Zealand. During his 50 year career as a well-loved teacher, role model, mentor, and leader in educational policy he elevated the status and value of New Zealand art education to both national and international acclaim. He helped develop and draft the country’s first natio..  More

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Planting seeds

It is vital to support teachers and students in their engagement in the critical analysis of texts, especially now that students interact with an increasing volume of texts both in and out of school, largely due to the emergence of digital technologies. Planting Seeds is designed to go some way to addressing the lack of New Zealand-based resourc..  More

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Postgraduate study in Aotearoa New Zealand

This book is a survival guide to help postgraduates at each stage of their studies. The editors gave each contributor a simple task: “If you could go back in time to when you started your postgraduate studies, what would you tell your younger, less experienced self? What advice could you give to prospective or current postgraduate stud..  More

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Real in all the ways that matter

Mantle of the Expert is a form of inquiry learning  developed by Dorothy Heathcote that includes drama for learning—so it’s active, embodied, imaginative, and aesthetic. It’s agentic in that it positions learners as responsible, competent co-constructors of meaning and allows them powers to influence, make decisions, and grapple with complex p..  More

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Research, Policy and Advocacy in the Early Years

This book brings together work by national and international scholars committed  to honouring and building on the work of a passionate educator and lifelong advocate for children: Professor Anne Smith.The authors take inspiration from her research, policy and advocacy work, including its international reach and its lasting influence to address..  More

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Responsive Pedagogy

Responsive Pedagogy: Engaging restoratively with challenging behaviours. Teachers are looking for new ways to respond to challenging behaviour. The premise of this book is that teachers can make a difference and that schools and early childhood education settings can be places where behaviour is addressed with courage and conviction.  ..  More

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Scaling Up Education Reform

What is school reform? What makes it sustainable? Who needs to be involved? How is scaling up achieved? This book is about the need for educational reforms that have built into them, from the outset, those elements that will see them sustained in the original sites and spread to others. Using the Te Kotahitanga Project as a model the authors bra..  More

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Successful Educational Leadership in New Zealand

This book features case studies of 11 New Zealand educational leaders, both as testimony to the extraordinary work of these leaders and to help aspiring, new and experienced practitioners understand more about their leadership role. The case studies reveal some of the exhilaration of being a leader in different school/centre settings and identif..  More

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Te Aotūroa Tātaki: inclusive early childhood education

This book addresses how practitioners and policy makers work for inclusion with diverse children and families in early childhood education. It focuses on the development of positive attitudes to difference, diversity and inclusion, and provides strategies for creating inclusive environments and quality teaching practices. The authors consider in..  More

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Te aotūroa tātaki: Inclusive early childhood education (2nd ed.)

Addressing how teachers and policy makers can work for inclusion with diverse children and families, this book focuses on the development of positive attitudes to difference, diversity, and inclusion in the early years. It suggests ways to identify, reduce, and eliminate barriers to learning and participation in early childhood communities. By enga..  More

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Te Kotahitanga

Te Kotahitanga: Towards effective education reform for indigenous and other minoritised students This is the inside story of an indigenous education success story. Te Kotahitanga is a theory based programme that has made a positive difference to the educational experience and achievement of Māori students in mainstream schools in Aotearoa Ne..  More

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Te Mauri o Te Whare

A collection of essays pertaining to Māori teaching, learning, place, history, and literature.Ko te uhi o tēnei pukapuka Te Mauri o Te Whare he mea hanga, he mea whakarite kia aro ki te takoto, piri tahi ki ngā kōrero o tua, ki ngā kōrero o tēnei ao kikokiko. Ko ngā wāhanga katoa o tēnei uhi he rite tōna āhua ki te tīpuna whare. Ko te whakaara mai ..  More

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Teachers leading inquiry for school problem solving

New Zealand schools increasingly use inquiry to understand and address complex and persistent issues. This requires schools to have committed Lead Teachers with deep knowledge about inquiry.  The collection of studies in this book have been compiled by the research team at the Woolf Fisher Research Centre, University of Auckland, to illustrate..  More

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Teachers Voyaging in Pluralingual Seas

This book is about young children who learn through more than one language in Aotearoa New Zealand. A considerable body of knowledge exists on second language learning but this work charts new territory in its focus on the experience of young children who learn in a home or heritage language other than English. This includes children learning ..  More

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Teaching as Inquiry

This book shows how teaching as inquiry can be built into the everyday work of classrooms to make a difference for all students, particularly priority learners.Based on findings from the Secondary Student Achievement project, it is richly layered with whole-school, classroom and learner perspectives. The author highlights the successes that emerged..  More

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Teaching for Complex Systems Thinking

What do a short car trip, a pandemic, the wood-wide fungal web, a challenging learning experience, a storm, transport logistics, and the language(s) we speak have in common? All of them are systems, or multiple sets of systems within systems. What happens in any set of circumstances will depend on a mix of initial conditions, complexity dynamics, a..  More

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