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Utu: A Story of Love, Hate and Revenge

Originally published 1894, by H. Brett ..  More

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Venetian Rogues

A tale of seduction, intrigue and caprice, art and betrayal and love, set in the most enchanting, mysterious and improbable city in the world: Venice. With accompanying photographs by Louis H. Hamel, Jr., and the author...  More

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Vicissitudes of Bush Life in Australia and New Zealand

Originally published 1891, by Swan Sonnenschein & Co. ..  More

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Originally published 1875, by Gall and Inglis..  More

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An invisible monster is what you can't see coming. It has unknown qualities. With an invisible monster you never know when you're in danger and when you're safe – if you retreat to your fortress you can't be sure you haven't locked it in with you. The invisible monster is something on which no one is an expert. But ever..  More

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Walking Home

Hold your own handwith your own handHold itSee how confidenthow knowing it feelshow held it feelsIt will cross the roadwith youIt will be your older brothersister it will be your parent your loverIt says I’ve got yourelax nowWalking Home gathers together some of the last poems written by Michele Amas. These are poems of tenacity and courage, and of..  More

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The drawings that comprise Wall allude to trauma and institutionalisation. They do not form a straightforward narrative or make some simplistic statement. They have the urgency of improvisations, yet they are carefully organised and almost painfully detailed with naked walls and bodies inside sparse antiseptic spaces. The drawings are not the liter..  More

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War to the Knife, or, Tangata Maori

Originally published 1899, by Macmillan and Co., Limited ..  More

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We Four, and the Stories We Told

Originally published 1880, by ..  More

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What Sort of Man

A young father high on Ritalin longs to leap into the tiger enclosure. A teacher who has been stood down for accessing porn on a school computer wants to re-establish contact with his teenage daughter. A carer out on a day trip is desperate to find a working toilet for his adult charge.What Sort of Man is a potent collection of stories that goes he..  More

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What's In A Name?

A fun filled tale for the 21st Century and guaranteed to put a smile on your face! A book for the poolside, the beach or a rainy afternoon.Single and twenty-something Prudence Miller is living a boring, humdrum life as a mildly inefficient tax clerk for the Inland Revenue when fate throws her a curved ball. One morning on her way to work, in a cas..  More

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Wheat in the Ear

Originally published 1898, by Hutchinson & Co. ..  More

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When I open the shop

In his small noodle shop in Te Whanganui-a-Tara, a young chef obsessively juliennes carrots. Nothing is going according to plan: the bills are piling up, his mother is dead, and there are strangers in his kitchen. The ancestors are watching closely.Told through a series of brilliant interludes and jump cuts, When I open the shop is sometimes blackl..  More

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White City

 White City is a collection of short stories set mostly in and around Auckland’s Albert Park, but even those stories that travel far away from the park seem subtly inhabited by its breezes, colours, shadows and sounds.Brown treats his characters with clear-eyed generosity, but never condescension. They are often resourceful, though lacking in ..  More

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White Hood and Blue Cap: A Christmas Bough with Two Branches

Originally published 1881, by Joseph Braithwaite, Corner Arcade & High Street..  More

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Who Disturbs the Kūkupa?

A lone man stands apart from a formidable enemy.Caught behind enemy lines after the Battle of Mount Olympus, Sonny Wirima must make his way through mainland Greece and the Aegean Islands to find his lost Māori Battalion, with only his instincts and traditional beliefs to guide him.An inspiring narrative of courage and survival, of love and awakenin..  More

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Who Was That Woman Anyway? Snapshots of a Lesbian Life

Emerging brittle and cynical from a wildly dysfunctional family, Ngaio careers from ice cream factory to children's home to Oxford to rehab. Along the way, she discovers herself and her sexuality -- at raucous parties with trainee nurses, in feminist encounter groups and Wiccan covens, in university classrooms and legendary sapphic hotspots...  More

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With the Lost Legion in New Zealand

Originally published 1911, by T. Werner Laurie..  More

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Writers in Residence and other captive fauna

Ted Jenner is a poet, translator, and classical scholar who was born and bred in Dunedin. He has spent the last forty years living in Africa, Europe, and the northern parts of Aotearoa, publishing his work in a variety of literary journals. Writers in Residence is a compilation of most of Jenner’s short fiction and prose poetry written in the last ..  More

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Wynter's Thief

Fox is a fringe dweller, with a T branded on his cheek that marks him a thief. He lives on his wits and moves from village to village. As the story opens he sees a commotion and finds Wynter, chained by her father, working as a water diviner. She finds water for the drought-strapped village, but they turn on her and want to burn her as a witch.Fox ..  More

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The Collected Poems of Alistair Te Ariki Campbell

The Collected Poems of Alistair Te Ariki Campbell is the definitive edition of one of the most important bodies of work in New Zealand poetry. Based on a spiral-bound manuscript entitled ‘Complete Poems 1947–2007’ found among Campbell’s papers after his death, this is his most substantial collection to date and the first to be published in hardback..  More

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The Collected Poems of R.A.K. Mason

Long recognised as a poem of rare originality and distinction and one of the most studied New Zealnd poets. "R.A.K. Mason is the poet we think of as being the first genuinely New Zealand Poet. He is certainly thefirst New Zealand poet I read with enthusiasm." - Bill Manhire ..  More

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