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The Rehearsal

  Named Best First Novel in the Montana New Zealand Book Awards 2009 Longlisted for the Guardian First Book Award . A high-school sex scandal jolts a group of teenage girls into a new awareness of their own potency and power. The sudden and total publicity seems to turn every act into a performance, and every platform into a sta..  More

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The Rip

Ten brilliant stories from the pen of Brian Millard.Here are themes ranging from fine art, politics, shearing, and boxing, to dancing the tango, set against backdrops from New Zealand, Poland, Argentina, England and America, in time frames from the early forties to the present. Each story imbued with compassion and humour, unique and complete in it..  More

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The Scam

A fictional tale of an international crime syndicate who try to scam the New Zealand game of Lotto. Will they succeed or will familiarity breed contempt and their plans crumble? ..  More

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The Second Location

 ‘Never Get Taken to the Second Location.’This book abducts you. It takes you to unfamiliar places. Using the doomed love affair of painter Rita Angus and musician Douglas Lilburn as a backdrop, Bronwyn Lloyd’s first collection of stories is a leap into the surrealist dark. From her tale of doppelgänger suicide, ‘Sink or Swim,’ to the haunting..  More

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The Secret of the Scavengers' Skulls

When two ancient skulls disappear from under the noses of archaeologists, Eryn finds herself caught in a whirlpool of bias and bigotry. As she digs deeper, she has to ask herself: Who did the bones belong to, and where did they really come from?The job is clear: Return the skulls to the client. But when Eryn uncovers the truth, she must decide whet..  More

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The Ships of Tarshish

Originally published 1867, by Hall & Co. ..  More

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The Ships of the Future

Originally published 1889, by Wildman, Bookseller ..  More

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The Story of a New Zealand River

Originally published 1938, by Whitcombe & Tombs Ltd ..  More

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The Story of Wild Will Enderby

Originally published 1873, by R. T. Wheeler..  More

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The Straight Banana

New York, summer of 2007. The Iraq War still rages. Domestic terror threats abound. The iPhone is about to launch. But the biggest story is straight bananas flooding the city, overtaking crack and heroin. Rich or poor, no one can resist peelin’ straight. Is it a plot? Immigrants are being rounded up. Fifth Avenue parties become brawls. Paranoia rul..  More

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The Strength of Eggshells

A novel, with a strong rural New Zealand setting, about three generations of women: one who rides a motorbike into the past, her mother who communicated only through the poetry she wrote and a grandmother who came to live in an isolated farming community with a war damaged soldier beyond the Bridge to Nowhere. ..  More

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The Sunken Island. A Maori Legend: Occurring Ere the Time of Captain Cook

Originally published 1887, by New Plymouth ..  More

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The Swimmers

Erin’s mother has motor neurone disease and has decided to take her fate into her own hands. As Erin looks back at her twenty-six-year-old self, she can finally tell the story of the unimaginable task she faced one winter.‘Chloe Lane’s The Swimmers is by turns touching, resonate, fiercely candid, and beautifully written. In this novel about a daugh..  More

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The Thread

Jack has come home to New Zealand. He’s getting old and he’s tired. When Jack sets off by boat from the coast, inland along a meandering tidal river to his hometown, he’s doing a favour for the Australian police — or so he hopes. Along the way, while discovering sites of what might be unexplained or even ancient occupation, he runs into troubl..  More

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The Toll of The Bush

Originally published 1905, by Macmillan and Co. Limited ..  More

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The Two Lawyers: A Novel

Originally published 1881, by John Mackay ..  More

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The Vaccination Inquisition New

The Vaccination Inquisition

2023: a true dystopia.Fear is the dominant emotion. Those who use fear as their weapon can rule the world and manipulate most people. The few that are left must stand their ground and find a way to help wake the others from their nightmare before the Inquisition gets them...  More

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The Vertical Harp: selected poems of Li He

Medieval Chinese poet Li He lived in the last brief flowering of the T’ang dynasty from 790-816, his evocations of the heavenly and the netherworlds are unique, possibly in the whole of the Chinese canon, and are the source of his honorific title, ‘the demon talented one’. Working from this fertile source, Mike Johnson has produced a collection of ..  More

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The Victims of Lightning

Bill Manhire’s first new book since Lifted shows him building on the themes and expanding the techniques of that prize-winning collection. Here are finely crafted lyrics, found poems, and even a bracket of songs. The Victims of Lightning is Bill Manhire at the height of his powers. Praise for Lifted: ‘Manhire shows not only his m..  More

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The Vintner's Luck

One summer evening in 1808, Sobran Jodeau stumbles through his family's vineyard in Burgundy, filled with wine and love sorrows. As Sobran sways in a drunken swoon, an angel appears out of nowhere to catch him.Once he gets over his shock, Sobran decides that Xas, the male angel, is his guardian sent to counsel him on everything from marriage..  More

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The VUP Home Reader

The VUP Home Reader is everything we’re working on at the moment—extracts of books which were published in February and March, books which are in the warehouse or on the water, final proofs and uncorrected proofs, manuscripts and work-in-progress—stretching into 2021. We offer it as company, as entertainment, as a promise.Stay safe and well.Stay ho..  More

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The Water Treatment

Inspired by a real life murder mystery, this classic “Who dunnit?” is populated by easily recognized and believable characters. Women throw themselves at Kevin. Is Martin a genuine SNAG or just an opportunist? Emily discovers the father of her child has become a brutal gang leader. Ordinary Kiwis take a walk outside the law. They..  More

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The Web of the Spider

Originally published 1891, by Hutchinson & Co. ..  More

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