Dwellers on the Threshold (Book Three of Wraiths and Strays)

Dwellers on the Threshold (Book Three of Wraiths and Strays)

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Returning to Kent after filming a paranormal documentary at an ancient estate in Wales, the WASP team members try to resume their normal lives, but they soon become aware that something has changed. Dianna, the team’s psychic, suspects that they have brought back more than just a supernatural experience, and it is affecting them all in profoundly disturbing ways.
What is it that draws Dianna back to the castle ruins at Twr Sylff? What role does her lineage play in this strange affair? Searching for answers, she makes contact with the reclusive family from the estate. Dianna learns shocking details about what they are dealing with and why the team was invited to the great house in the first place.
With time running out and dark forces closing in, the WASP team returns to the estate to deal with the consequences of their earlier investigation and the ill-considered actions of the mysterious family who reside there, but it might already be too late. The team is persuaded to participate in a dark ritual and Dianna is drawn into the depths of another realm. Will the team members survive unscathed? Everything has a price, and someone is going to pay it.

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