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The Castaways of Disappointment Island

Originally published 1911, by S. W. Partridge & Co., Ltd.Herbert Escott-Inman's The Castaways of Disappointment Island is the true story of the wreck of the Dundonald near the Auckland Islands, a group of sub-antarctic islands lying 180 miles south of New Zealand, in 1907.The Dundonald sank on 7th March 1907 after running ashore on the west sid..  More

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The First Ascent of Mount Ruapehu

Originally published 1926, by Harrison and Sons, Ltd. ..  More

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The Kiwi Surfcasting Guide

All you need to know to master the art of surfcasting in New Zealand. Getting a fish on your line is a thrilling experience so give yourself more than a fighting chance with this accessible guide to surfcasting in New Zealand. Even if you already have surfcasting skills and experience under your belt, you will find this book useful for taking your ..  More

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The New Zealand Grand Slam of Fishing

A true ‘gone-fishing’ story of one man and a passion which endures to this day.Alain Jorion is the first New Zealander to have captured the ‘grand slam’ of game fishing, comprising a top-class specimen of each of the big game fish — the billfish slam of black marlin, blue marlin, striped marlin, shortbilled spearfish and broadbill swordfish, and th..  More

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The Trout Bohemia: Fly-fishing Travels in New Zealand

From the author of the universally acclaimed Trout Diaries (2011) comes a captivating new volume of fly-fishing adventures in New Zealand, artfully illustrated with ink and charcoal sketches. Join Derek Grzelewski as he explores the waters of his trout bohemia — both famous and deathly secret — and meet the passionate, expert anglers he encounters ..  More

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To Everest via Antarctica

This is the amazing story of seven summits solo - how an American living in New Zealand set out to be the first person in the world to climb the highest peak of the world's seven continents. Robert Mads Anderson was to complete this extraordinary saga of courage, skill and imagination by climbing Mt Everest solo and without oxygen in late 1995. En ..  More

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Self-tracking is the practice of measuring and monitoring your health, activities or diet through technologies such as smartphones, apps, pedometers and personal genomics, empowering you to take control of your day to day health. Richard MacManus explains the benefits and risks of self-tracking and looks at:What exactly is being trackedThe tools an..  More

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Twenty Months in Southland 1867-69

A unique and whimsical insight into an early colonial Southland which has long been forgotten. This book is an historical account by an unnamed Tasmanians visit to New Zealand and first published in Australia over 140 years ago. ..  More

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Up the Andes: Jo & Gareth Morgan Traverse the Andes from North to South and Top to Bottom

Through a land of contrasts - mountains and lowlands, deserts and glaciers, wealth and poverty, speakers of Spanish and us with our phrasebooks, tourist traps and lands that time forgot. Join Gareth and Joanne Morgan and their motorcycling companions as they travel to South America on the latest leg of their quest to ride the world by bike. ..  More

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Which Way is Starboard Again?

When sailing novice Anna Kirtlan takes to the high seas, expect the unexpected. Not many people have the courage to sail the South Pacific with as little experience as Anna, who not only has to learn to sail, from scratch, but also to overcome the severe anxiety and panic attacks that have plagued her since her teens. She is upfront about living wi..  More

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Wild Seas to Greenland

When 1994 Whitbread Race winner Ross Field refitted his 20-year-old, aluminium yacht Rosemary for high latitude cruising, he applied Kiwi DIY, latest technology and 35 years of ocean racing experience. Rebecca Hayter followed his refit in detail. Then she signed on as crew for one of the world's most dangerous oceans.As former editor of Boating New..  More

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Wild South: Hunting and Fly Fishing the Southern Hemisphere

While based in New Zealand’s stunning South Island, Peter Ryan’s writing and images have been published in books and magazines around the world. In Wild South he reaches out to the great hunting and angling destinations of southern Africa, New Zealand, Australia, South America and more. These are big places and Peter Ryan covers big ground — from s..  More

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