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Ripiro Beach: A memoir of life after near death

Does DNA write our destinies? Or do the hands that nurture triumph over nature? What is it that determines who we really are?Caroline Barron’s father never found his birth mother. After he dies suddenly on her twentieth birthday, Caroline develops an insidious fear of her own untimely death. When she nearly bleeds out on an operating table during c..  More

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Road Tour of American Song Titles

Explore the rich musical history behind the classic American songs of the 1950s and 1960s on this road tour of song titles with NZ journalist Karl du Fresne. Each chapter is devoted to a specific hit song and the town that inspired it, e.g., Twenty-four Hours from Tulsa, Show Me the Way to Amarillo, El Paso, Galveston, Ode to Billie-Joe (Tallahatch..  More

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Secrets of the Slims: Things Fat People Don't Know

How, after a lifetime of losing and gaining weight, did I finally discover the Secrets of the Slims? Because I started a new job where no one knew I’d ever been fat – I was a Slim.  And I found a whole new world on the other side of fat that I hadn’t even known existed – I learned what the Slims' know.Slims look at me as though I’m crazy ..  More

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Sophia & Daughters: Wise Women from the Bible

Rediscover these Biblical characters as women of passion and compassion. Firmly set in a southern hemisphere context, this easy-to-use book has strong feminist imagery and reference focused on the history of women in the Bible. It includes special prayers — for children, teamwork, families, confession, inclusiveness, church, enlightenm..  More

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Struggle and Success

We must all start somewhere. In this collection of real-life stories, 25 people take readers on an inspiring journey through the struggles they have overcome in pursuit of success. From small personal triumphs, to large career goals or lifetime achievements, each success, big or small, offers an insight into the inner workings of lives from around..  More

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Tea with the Taliban

Fascinating, highly readable tales of travels in the troubled land of Afghanistan by award-winning New Zealand travel writer Ian Robinson.In 2008, Ian Robinson ventured into the hustle and bustle and dangers of the streets of many of Afghanistan's cities and towns, and also, alone on horseback, into the sparsely populated north-eastern regions of t..  More

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The Creative SEED: How to Enrich Your Life Through Creativity

Skills, Experimentation, Evaluation and Discovery: SEED — an original approach to empower beginners and established creators to clearly understand the nature of the creative process. ‘The Creative SEED’ is the perfect guidebook for anyone who has an interest in exploring some form of creative expression. Even if you think you don’t have an ounce of..  More

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The Gospel of Isaiah

The Gospel of Isaiah is a written miracle. There is no other explanation. It was written about 600 years before the time of Jesus of Bethlehem and Nazareth and fulfilled accurately by Ihu Te Karaiti (Jesus The Christ) sometime around AD 33-36. This book focuses mainly on Isaiah chapter 53 – “The Banned Chapter”. Most (if not all) Jewish synagogues ..  More

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The Gospel of King David

The Gospel of King David is the second book of The Four Gospels-In-Advance collection of written miracles. And a powerful written miracle it is too!Some people who have very limited, if any, knowledge of the Holy Bible and the Old and New Testaments, upon reading Psalm 22 think they are reading from the New Testament or even the Gospels. So vivid i..  More

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The Journal Writer's Companion

Numerous studies show that journal writing is a fantastic resource that can significantly impact your life, but few people know how to go about it effectively in order to gain lasting positive results. ‘The Journal Writer’s Companion’ aims to change this. Designed to be a clear, practical guide to using journal writing to help you succeed in any ar..  More

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The Music of Life: Whistle While You Work

Am I in the right job? Do I enjoy going to work? How do I know what job will suit me? Most people spend a big part of their adult lives working at a job to make a living, so it’s important that they aren’t miserable being at work or dread going in. People who enjoy their work are happier people overall, yet so many of us look for jobs for their ..  More

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The Nature of ConTact C.A.R.E

ConTact C.A.R.E and the Flinchlock release method is a unique, simple, safe and effective pressure release modality, discovered by Dale Weston Speedy. It works by releasing pressure from surprise impact injuries in the bone. This book, The Nature Of ConTact C.A.R.E, looks at the foundations of this modality and the philosophy behind its discovery. ..  More

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The Smallest Continent

In this second collection of his best published stories, Derek Grzelewski writes of his journeys through New Zealand. He discovers in these small islands a land very much like a continent in the diversity of its spaces and places, and the people who live, work and play there.Along the way, Grzelewski ranges across subjects as rich and varied as the..  More

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The Wisdom Years: Unleashing Your Potential in Later Life

We are now experiencing one of the most significant — but not yet fully understood — revolutions in human life: the dramatic rise in life expectancy. This revolution does not imply, as most people usually think, that we’ve simply got more years of old age. Rather, it implies the formation of a new period in human life: the Age of Wisdom.When Dr Zvi..  More

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Travels with My Economist

Irreverent, laugh-out-loud tales of living and travelling in India.Join award-winning writer Lisa Scott and her economist as they experience the absolute hell and pure joys of India. Trading the quiet back streets of Dunedin for the heat and chaos of Bangalore, southern India, Lisa tells their story in her own inimitable style. From simply survivin..  More

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Up the Andes: Jo & Gareth Morgan Traverse the Andes from North to South and Top to Bottom

Through a land of contrasts - mountains and lowlands, deserts and glaciers, wealth and poverty, speakers of Spanish and us with our phrasebooks, tourist traps and lands that time forgot. Join Gareth and Joanne Morgan and their motorcycling companions as they travel to South America on the latest leg of their quest to ride the world by bike. ..  More

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Visible 60 Women at 60

This book is a collection of 60 portraits of women at 60 and their stories. The book gently pulls back the curtain and allows the reader a glimpse into each woman's personal experience of being 60 in today's world.  Through the photographs and words you may feel a sense of connection, be moved, surprised, curious, perhaps challe..  More

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Visions for Everyday Christians: How to Have and Handle Them

I’m sure we have all prayed, ‘God speak to me, show me!’ In this book James Coleman answers a very big ‘how’, as he vividly portrays ways God speaks to so many of us ‘in the spiritual language of pictures and images’. If you want to start to experience God speaking to you in visual form, to grow in this gift, or learn more about the biblical and hi..  More

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