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A Well Mind, by Lisa Parkinson Roberts, PhD (Health) New

A Well Mind

 A Well Mind provides a holistic approach to mental wellness by showing how the processes of looking after your body can complement those of looking after your mind. Recent research has shown that through improving our eating, sleeping, and exercise habits, we can experience physical health benefits which lead to feeling better in our mind. In..  More

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Being You: How to build your personal brand and confidence

How do people like Oprah Winfrey and the Dalai Lama create massive audiences and globally recognizable brands? The key is authenticity — presenting a genuine version of yourself in person, on the stage, and across your entire online presence. But while that’s easy to say, it’s much harder to actually do. Written by Maggie Eyre, an internationa..  More

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Dealing With Depression: Simple ways to get your life back

‘Dealing with Depression’ offers a simple, easy to follow, non-judgmental and, above all, effective exploration of depression and how to manage it. A range of strategies is outlined, including the physiological fundamentals of sleep, healthy diet and exercise as well as ideas from positive psychology that help us to take care of ourselves. Learning..  More

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Fear and Courage

We have all felt fear, whether it’s our racing heart as we make a speech or the profound awareness of our own mortality as we await medical results. Of course, the flip-side of fear is courage: as Nelson Mandela famously said, ‘I learned that courage was not the absence of fear but the triumph over it.’ The 25 true stories showcased here capture t..  More

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Finding True Connections

Our individual memories define us. Our tribal memories unite us. If these are missing, parts of us are missing too. The Emotional Inheritance division of Exisle Publishing works with a global team of psychologists, writers and historians to provide a premium interview and story production service, to capture the life stories of elderly family membe..  More

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First Among Equals

Since Federation in 1901, 29 men and one woman have served in the position of Australian prime minister. From Barton to Morrison, they are the leaders who have helped forge Australia’s national identity. Some have had the position thrust upon them. Some have plotted and schemed their way to the top. Four have served more than once. Three have died ..  More

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Godley: The Man Behind the Myth

A comprehensive biography of General Sir Alexander Godley, presenting for the first time a fair and balanced look at his time as commander of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force (NZEF) and II ANZAC Corps during World War I. While Godley is generally remembered as being a poor field commander, Terry Kinloch argues that he was in fact a capable one w..  More

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Godzone Dictionary of favourite New Zealand words and phrases

This concise A–Z dictionary, now updated in a new expanded edition, is a quick and easy reference to understanding the words and phrases  that make the New Zealand language and speech patterns so different. Language expert Max Cryer not only provides helpful definitions for the various entries, but also sheds light on their origins. Slang word..  More

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Going by Train

Railways played a pivotal part in the development of New Zealand’s economy, towns and cities, and helped shape a distinctive culture. This is a comprehensive account of our railways story, from the earliest days of the colony, through rail’s growth and golden days, slow decline and recent resurgence. Fully illustrated, and written in a very readabl..  More

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Human Kindness

Kindness comes in many forms and affects all of us. As Mark Twain said, ‘Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.’ And while a kind gesture can often simply make someone feel better about their day, sometimes — as the twenty-five true stories collected here show — it can save a life. Sourced from around the world, the..  More

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Intuition: How to Develop it and Use it in Everyday Life

Intuition is something most people would have experienced at one time or another; it’s that gut-feeling or ‘sixth sense’. It’s instinctive by nature, independent of rational analysis or deductive thinking. But can we actively develop our intuition and learn how to better utilise it? Author Dr Cate Howell believes we can, and sets about to empower u..  More

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Love and Loss

Time gives us the wisdom to realize a mother’s sacrifice, a father’s love, a friend’s loyalty, or a grandparent’s kindness, as loss and love turn to memory. These 25 true stories of loss and love from around the world are inspiring and heartbreaking reminders of what is most important: life, love, memory, beauty. Loved ones are honoured in this gri..  More

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Mind Kind: Your Child's Mental Health

In ‘Mind Kind: Your Child’s Mental Health’, acclaimed psychotherapist Dr Joanna North gives a unique insight into the world of children’s mental health; one that focuses on kindness and values. Dr North presents clear, research-based strategies which she has developed over 30 years of working with children, adults and families.In supporting childre..  More

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Panzer Commander Hermann Balck: Germany's Master Tactician

‘ Panzer Commander Hermann Balck’ is an intriguing history of one of the world’s greatest armoured warfare commanders. During World War II, Balck directed panzer troops from the front line and led by example, putting himself in extreme danger when rallying his soldiers to surge forward. He fought battles that were masterpieces of tactical operation..  More

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Parenting Made Simple

In this practical, easy-to-implement guide, specialist child psychologist Dr Sarah Hughes gives you the tools you need for every age and stage of your child’s development. Focusing on six key areas:challenging behaviouremotions and tantrumsconfidencesocial skills and friendshipsanxietyparenting well through separation and divorceYou’ll learn a..  More

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Purposeful Breathing

'Purposeful Breathing' is a practical, user-friendly guide to simple breathing skills that can rapidly reduce states you don’t want and increase states you do want. For anyone suffering from anxiety, feeling calmer can happen in a breath or two. For anyone wanting to boost performance, the right breathing skills will help them to get into ‘the zone..  More

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Stop Talking, Start Influencing

We are all teachers. If you’ve ever walked a colleague through a new program, you’re a teacher. If you’ve ever coached anyone on how to kick a football, you’re a teacher. If you’ve ever been a parent… enough said. The problem, however, is that very few of us have ever been taught how to teach!Drawing on Jared Cooney Horvath’s 15 years of experience..  More

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Struggle and Success

We must all start somewhere. In this collection of real-life stories, 25 people take readers on an inspiring journey through the struggles they have overcome in pursuit of success. From small personal triumphs, to large career goals or lifetime achievements, each success, big or small, offers an insight into the inner workings of lives from around..  More

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The Blind Strategist, by Stephen Robinson (History) New

The Blind Strategist

Did Nazi war criminals deceive the United States military during the Cold War? A new book by a Canberra-based historian tells the story of how America’s most famous and influential military theorist was seduced by the lies of Hitler’s defeated generals.From the author of Panzer Commander Hermann Balck and False Flags comes The Blind Strategist: Joh..  More

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The Creative SEED: How to Enrich Your Life Through Creativity

Skills, Experimentation, Evaluation and Discovery: SEED — an original approach to empower beginners and established creators to clearly understand the nature of the creative process. ‘The Creative SEED’ is the perfect guidebook for anyone who has an interest in exploring some form of creative expression. Even if you think you don’t have an ounce of..  More

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The Healthy Skin Kitchen, by Karen Fischer BHSc., Dip.Nut. (Health) New

The Healthy Skin Kitchen

Whether your skin issue is mild or momentous, The Healthy Skin Kitchen is your essential resource for clear, healthy skin. Informative and inspiring, it is the go-to guide to reclaim your life and get that good skin glow you’ve always wanted.Beautifully laid out with gorgeous photography, The Healthy Skin Kitchen shows you what to put on your fork ..  More

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The Journal Writer's Companion

Numerous studies show that journal writing is a fantastic resource that can significantly impact your life, but few people know how to go about it effectively in order to gain lasting positive results. ‘The Journal Writer’s Companion’ aims to change this. Designed to be a clear, practical guide to using journal writing to help you succeed in any ar..  More

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The Wisdom Years: Unleashing Your Potential in Later Life

We are now experiencing one of the most significant — but not yet fully understood — revolutions in human life: the dramatic rise in life expectancy. This revolution does not imply, as most people usually think, that we’ve simply got more years of old age. Rather, it implies the formation of a new period in human life: the Age of Wisdom.When Dr Zvi..  More

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This is Us: New Zealanders in Our Own Words

'This is Us’ is a collection of over 200 brief interviews with New Zealanders, spanning the length and breadth of the country; from Cape Reinga to Stewart Island. It was written in response to the Christchurch terrorist attack but is not about it; it is instead a representation of the New Zealand people in their own words. A celebration of the dive..  More

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