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Black November: The 1918 influenza pandemic in New Zealand

‘Black November’ details New Zealand’s worst public health crisis, and its worst natural disaster. Over 8,500 New Zealanders died from influenza and pneumonia in just six weeks in 1918 when the country was swept by the so-called ‘Spanish’ influenza pandemic. Nearly a quarter of the victims were Maori, who died at seven times the death rate of Europ..  More

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Easily the Best: The life of Helen Connon 1857-1903

When Helen Connon received her Masters of Arts degree from the University of New Zealand in 1881, she became the first woman in the British Empire to get an honours degree. She later became the second Lady Principal of Christchurch Girl's High School, establishing it firmly as a leading academic secondary school. Helen Connon's personal life w..  More

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Flight of the Huia

Flight of the Huia: Ecology and conservation of New Zealand's frogs, reptiles, birds and mammals This book tells the story of New Zealand’s birds, mammals, reptiles and frogs, from their Gondwanan origins to the arrival of the first rats, then people and their camp followers. The loss of now-extinct birds and the introduction of other specie..  More

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Kiwi Compañeros: New Zealand and the Spanish Civil War

In the first-ever account of New Zealand’s role in Spain’s civil war of 1936–39, Mark Derby presents the personal stories of some extraordinary individuals who became involved. For example:A fighter pilot from Wellington who landed his plane with a shattered shoulder, then left for Hollywood to make movies with Errol FlynnA Cromwell surgeon who ope..  More

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On My Own Two Feet: The Life of a Mountaineer

Norman Hardie is a New Zealand civil engineer who has lived a fascinating life. He paid his way through university by shooting deer in rugged terrain. After graduating he worked on hydro-electric projects among the mountains and, with a strong group of friends, made many first ascents on major summits in the Southern Alps.Eventually London and the ..  More

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Policy-making Under Pressure

Public policy-making in New Zealand has a patchy track record. In many policy sectors New Zealand performs no worse than many other advanced democracies, and in some it is recognised as world leading. But it is clear that the system is under pressure. By international standards, New Zealand ranks poorly in some sectors, notably child poverty, affor..  More

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Politics 101

Meg, Henry, Steph and Diana are all students in Wellington in the 1970s. Thrown together in the broad sphere of leftist politics, they find falling in and out of love just as mesmerising as it is for the middle classes they despise. While Henry is busy trying to run a Youth Summit, Meg suppresses her bourgeois passion for handcrafts and learns to g..  More

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Revolution: The 1913 Great Strike in New Zealand

Many of New Zealand’s leading historians came together in a conference in 2003 to re-explore the 1913 Great Strike. The result is a challenging clash of perspectives: the reader will see this great strike through the eyes of the state, the police, the strikers, the militants, the moderates, the ruling and working classes. The contributors deba..  More

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Social Policy for Social Work and Human Services in Aotearoa New Zealand

For practitioners in social work and human services, questions of human rights, citizenship, social justice and equity are ever-present in their day-to-day work with clients of all ages. As such, social policy plays a significant role in shaping the response to need in any community or population, through the provision of financial, physical or leg..  More

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Talking Baby: Helping your child discover language

In this fascinating and informative book, Margaret Maclagan and Anne Buckley – two specialists in children’s language development – explain the subtle and extraordinary process in which children learn to talk and the very important role that parents and grandparents can play.Combining a comprehensive understanding of speech development with fascina..  More

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Te Ata Kura: The Red-Tipped Dawn

In this new collection of poetry, Apirana Taylor leads the reader through local landscapes, introducing contemporary and historical figures whose lives have touched his own. He also goes beyond Aotearoa’s shores to comment on issues of our wider world and society. His themes are universal – the brevity of life, the fragility of nature, the chaos o..  More

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The Big Blue: Snapshots of the 1951 Waterfront Lockout

In working-class parlance a ‘blue’ was the colloquial term for an industrial disruption – a strike or a lockout. The 1951 waterfront lockout was, up until that time, the biggest ‘blue’ of them all and still holds attention today as a seminal event in New Zealand’s industrial and political history.The 1951 lockout, which lasted for 151 days, was the..  More

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The Contest for Rugby Supremacy

For most rugby followers, the 1905 All Black tour of Britain has assumed legendary proportions. By its end, this unheralded team had taken the traditional rugby strongholds by storm, dazzled with their athleticism and innovative style, accumulated a string of huge victories, claimed a moral ‘draw’ with Wales, and put their young colony firmly on th..  More

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The Seven Lives of Lady Barker

This compelling biography of Lady Mary Anne Barker is a fascinating account of a Victorian woman who, through the course of her life, lived in England, India, New Zealand, South Africa, Mauritius, Australia and Trinidad. Momentous historical events of the period, such as the Indian Mutiny (Revolt) and the Zulu Wars, all directly impacted upon her p..  More

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Worlds Apart: A history of the Pacific Islands Second Edition

The Pacific Islands remain for most people a region of obscurity or puzzlement. The attention of news media is attracted by atypical events such as political violence that contradict the peaceful tourist image of sun, sea and smiling faces. Journalists, travellers, business people and the general public have few paths to access specialised k..  More

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