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A Short History of New Zealand

A lively and accessible book written by one of our most well-known commentators on matters past and present, this popular New Zealand history introduces our country’s story to general readers and students and has been updated to include the Helen Clark years, the rise of John Key, the Christchurch earthquakes and the 2011 Rugby World Cup...  More

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Addressed to Greta

‘Greta’s ears started to pop. She swallowed hard and looked out of her cabin window. The plane had just broken through a clump of clouds and below was an undulating patchwork of reds and greens. It was what she’d been expecting. The ruralness. Yet also different from the image she’d held in her head. The vastness. The intense terracotta colour. The..  More

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Antonovs over the Arctic

In 1928 two men flew a single-engine biplane from Barrow, Alaska to Spitsbergen, Norway - a journey of over 20 hours across the Arctic. At the time, it was described by Byrd and Amundsen as 'the most remarkable journey ever made'. Seventy years later a team of six explorers recreated that journey using a pair of 1947 design Russian biplanes - the A..  More

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Bateman Illustrated History of New Zealand

In his Illustrated History of New Zealand, noted historian Matthew Wright brings New Zealand's turbulent, exciting past to life, tracing our journey from the arrival of Polynesians over 800 years ago, to the discovery by Europe, race relations, jingoism, devastating world wars, the age of the pavlova paradise, the turbulence of the Springbok tour p..  More

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Bateman New Zealand Writer's Hand-Book

First published in 1990, this highly successful handbook is now in its sixth edition. Considered by many to be the classic guide for writers, it has been revised and updated to bring it right up to the present day. Over the years, it has held an essential place on the work desks of New Zealanders who write, whether that be freelance journalism or b..  More

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Betty Gilderdale: My Life in Two Halves

Betty Gilderdale’s story is as diverse as it is long. She is one of our foremost writers and researchers in the world of children’s literature and has been influential in the New Zealand literary scene for many years, yet she was born and brought up in London. She tells her story in two parts: the early years in England — childhood, living through ..  More

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Children's Health A to Z for New Zealand Parents

A natural approach to supporting your child through the coughs and colds, ear aches, tummy upsets and mild infections that are part of growing up...  More

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Coal: The Rise and Fall of King Coal in New Zealand

Coal was the heroic fuel of New Zealand’s 19th and early 20th centuries, the fuel on which the colony grew – the stuff that made possible the heating, cooking and lighting essential to family life, a lifestyle exalted during two World Wars and a depression. The hero fuel; pivotal, essential, exalted even as everybody grumbled about the mess it made..  More

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Dark Side of the Brain: Adapting to Adversity

Adversity can hit anyone at any time, often unexpectedly. The loss of  a close family member combined with his own experience of depression spurred Lance Burdett on to share what he’s learned about how the  brain works. During his time both as a police crisis negotiator and later as a resilience and wellness specialist, Lance has und..  More

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Don't Mess With These Kids

The kids from Room 14 have had a brilliant week at school camp and are packed up and ready to go home. But the bus doesn’t arrive. And then they find they can’t contact anyone outside. Landlines, mobile phones, the internet … all communication has been jammed. They slowly discover that a strange group called the BERP Government of Waikato has take..  More

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Fishing the Remote Coast

Land-based fishing in remote, difficult-to-access parts of New Zealand is challenging but, back in his student days, it got Andy Macleod hooked and he hasn’t looked back since. He and his fishing mates travel to places as far from civilisation as they can get in pursuit of their target species.lively, entertaining and informative — takes you onto t..  More

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Global Investing: a Guide for New Zealanders

From his wide-ranging practical experience as a business operator and investment analyst, John Ryder provides guidance on all aspects of investing in the global environment. ..  More

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Gods of the Stones: Travels in the Middle East

Gods of the Stones retraces the steps of famed English travel writer H.V. Morton who undertook a series of journeys in the 1930s to the great religions and historical sites of the Middle East. Morton’s focus was the beginnings of Christianity, but he also observed the daily lives and traditions of the people he met along the way. The three boo..  More

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Going to Extremes: Adventures in Unknown New Zealand

Comprising some of Derek Grzelewski’s best-published work to date, the stories in this book all explore and reveal some unexpected element of the extreme. These are fascinating tales of New Zealanders – some forgotten, some ‘elite’, some ‘ordinary’ – achieving amazing things. Here the extreme can be found in anything from diving, caving, alpine cli..  More

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Great Tales from New Zealand History

An intriguing collection of tales plucked from the byways of our country's history by a master storyteller who recognises a good yarn when he sees it. Gordon McLauchlan tempts our imagination with 46 little-known tales from New Zealand’s past...  More

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Great Tales of Rural New Zealand

Forty-eight intriguing, quirky yarns on rural life, the land and the people, featuring subjects such as rabbits, swaggers, kauri gum diggers, shearers and land girls from acclaimed writer and master story-teller, Gordon McLauchlan...  More

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Hunting New Zealand: Parts Unknown

In Hunting New Zealand Peter Ryan pays tribute to the game animals, people and places that have made New Zealand famous as one of the last great hunting adventures. It’s a glimpse into the drama of roaring stags, tahr and chamois high in the haunting Southern Alps, and friendships made hunting gamebirds in stunning locations. With tales of nostalgi..  More

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I Am More Than Just My Tits: Surviving Breast Cancer

Karin Horen tells the remarkable story of her continuing battle with breast cancer. At just 26 she was diagnosed with breast cancer and immediately underwent two surgeries, resulting in a partial mastectomy, a twelve-month course of chemotherapy and six weeks of radiotherapy.Unphased by her health scare, she moved forward with her life – meeting a ..  More

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Inside the Black Horse

The book that inspired the TVNZ series VEGAS.Pio Morgan is waiting outside a pub on a cold winter’s night. There is a debt he must pay and no options left. What he does next drags a group of strangers into a web of confusion that over the course of a few days changes all their lives. There’s the young Māori widow just trying to raise her children, ..  More

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Jean Batten: The Garbo of the Skies

Jean Batten was one of the great aviation megastars of the 1930s. Her spectacular flights ranked with those of Britain’s Amy Johnson and America’s Amelia Earhart. Yet, despite her brilliance as a pilot, she remained the least well-known of them all. For the dentist’s daughter from New Zealand built an impregnable wall around her private life – whic..  More

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Kāwai: For Such a Time is This

This epic historical adventure tells the story of pre-colonial Aotearoa New Zealand like it’s never been told before. A young Māori man, compelled to learn the stories of his ancestors, returns to his family marae on the east coast of the North Island to speak to his elderly grand-uncle, the keeper of the stories. What follows is the enthralling ac..  More

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Kindness and Lies

Following in the footsteps of her hilarious account of living in India (Travels with my Economist, 2012), Lisa turns her attention closer to home, scrutinising and reflecting on the myriad relationships that make up our lives. She probes fraught, often muddled family and extended family situations; consults friends, lawyers and other professionals ..  More

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Living in a Warmer World

Living in a Warmer World goes beyond the debate over how and why, and describes what is actually happening as our world gets warmer. Readable, relevant and fascinating, in Living in a Warmer World Dr Jim Salinger brings together some of the world’s leading scientists to describe how a hotter planet is affecting our food supplies, fisheries and..  More

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Munch Lunchbox

Thinking up ideas for school lunches every day is tough – but you will never run out of inspiration with the Munch Lunchbox.The authors, Anna Bordignon and Michelle Kitney, are the team behind Munch Cupboard and their fantastic website has been inspiring Kiwi parents for over five years with recipes ideas and great lunchbox products. ..  More

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