A Wistful Legacy, by Don E. McGregor

A Wistful Legacy, by Don E. McGregor (Fiction)

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Logic  dies  as  Nazi  Germany  crushes  all  before  her,  mutilating millions of ordinary lives in a host of European countries.
Love and loyalty survives the greatest conflict in human history. Tim and Liesel are separated by war but stubbornly hold on to their dream throughout the chaos. A distant haven beckons them ...
Gunther Lundberg, special aide to Adolf Hitler, has a close understanding of the Fuhrer's mind and how he manipulates those around him. Lundberg knows too many secrets to remain alive. Sucked in by the heady, intoxicating feeling of raw power, and smugly thinking he knows everything about the Reich; he discovers its most evil secret only in its final hours. Overwhelming guilt tells him what he must do.
Patriotic French eleven-year-old, Marietta Mathieu lives unwittingly in the growing shadow of persecution.  "Little Mother" gives warmth and love to those around her, a light shining through the ages...
Covering the years 1918 to 2006, A Wistful Legacy gives real insight into the growth of evil and how ultimately human spirit overcomes relentless  adversity.

Reader's comments:
A masterpiece, the best book I've ever read! R. L. R.
A life-changing story that really places modern life in its true perspective.  B. &  M.N.
Absolutely impossible  to put down!  Well paced  and insightful. J.S.
I was quite unable to do any work; I just had to finish this damn book! M.M.
The best yarn I have ever read.  I just  didn't want to get to the end! I found  myself reading slower and slower as I progressed  through it. T. S.
Wonderfully well researched and informative, yet very easy to read. A. & R. C.

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