To Everest via Antarctica

To Everest via Antarctica

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This is the amazing story of seven summits solo - how an American living in New Zealand set out to be the first person in the world to climb the highest peak of the world's seven continents. Robert Mads Anderson was to complete this extraordinary saga of courage, skill and imagination by climbing Mt Everest solo and without oxygen in late 1995. En route to Everest, Anderson had climbed solo the other highest mountains on six continents. In the end, after several previous attempts, atrocious weather in early September 1995 kept Anderson from the summit of Everest. The final prize remained beyond his grasp. This is the book of those climbs, but it is as much as travel book full of colour and wit. From the plains of Africa to the snows of Antarctica, it contains more laughs than it seems possible the danger could ever permit.

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Tags: Real-life, adventure