The Compleat Cityscapes

The Compleat Cityscapes

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Heritage vignettes in prose and illustration of Wellington buildings, with 244 pen and ink drawings of historic Wellington buildings, many of which no longer exist.

This is the complete record of 244 Cityscapes articles which ran in The Evening Post newspaper from 1976 to 1982. My editor Mike Robson wanted what was new at the time here, a heritage column which connected with the readers of the newspaper. From its first column on Bolton Street Cemetery to its last on the Carrara Plaster Company, from real marble to mock marble, it achieved Mike’s aim, and continues to do so to this day. I am still asked if I am writing about old buildings for the paper, even though it and I are long gone from Wellington streets. Grant continues to get requests for his drawings. In many cases sadly they are all that is left, along with photographs and memories, of many Wellington structures.

The iPad ePub version contains larger versions of the illustrations, suitable for viewing on tablets and large screen displays such as PC screens, though this also means a filesize of around 50MB.

The normal ePub and Kindle Mobi versions contain smaller versions of the illustrations, suitable for viewing on typical eInk devices.

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