Igniting Resilience

Igniting Resilience

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Christine Burns, an illustrious leadership and performance specialist, consistently inspired her clients to be courageous, step out of their comfort zone, stand tall with confidence, and ignite their resilience in the face of adversity no matter what. Little did she know, 40 seconds into that phone call as her life took a drastic turn for the worse, she would need to call on every ounce of strength to practice all that she preached, as she faced her own mortality.
Christine activated and unleashed all of her life lessons, her rebel talents, her experiences she gained as a former elite athlete and her expertise working with top executives, scientists and academics, to take on one of the toughest competitors she had ever faced in her life.
Christine writes with honesty, humour, vulnerability and courage. Igniting Resilience is a timely call for us to enjoy the moments, be our true authentic selves and embrace all of life. Facing our own mortality can be one of the scariest, yet most rewarding experiences!

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