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What is Mine is Thine

Divine Metaphysics is a system or technique that enables us to eliminate from our minds, our bodies and our circumstances, adverse conditions and replace them with perfect health and happiness and an abundance of the things we need. You may say that this is a tall order. Nevertheless it is true. It has been done by the Masters, who state positively..  More

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Wisdom is the Fountain of Life (Lecture Notes 1953)

The following lectures were given in Pretoria, South Africa, between 3rd February and 23rd June 1953 (The same also being given earlier in Johannesburg, between 9th October 1952 and 9th April 1953). The Lecture Notes could be purchased in blocks of ten prior to the series being given. A full account of these lectures combining the Lecture Notes and..  More

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Your Life Renewed Every Day (Expanded Revised Edition)

The greatest tonic in the world is the renewing of your life every day. Millions of people are seeking a way to release this all-knowing Creative Power so that It can work for them, but fail to grasp the fact that it is not made up in the mind. It is beyond the mind, yet the mind of man is the gateway to Its expression here and now. The greatest se..  More

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