Antonovs over the Arctic

Antonovs over the Arctic

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In 1928 two men flew a single-engine biplane from Barrow, Alaska to Spitsbergen, Norway - a journey of over 20 hours across the Arctic. At the time, it was described by Byrd and Amundsen as 'the most remarkable journey ever made'. Seventy years later a team of six explorers recreated that journey using a pair of 1947 design Russian biplanes - the Antonov An-2. Despite modern technology, they faced the same challlenges of all great explorers: building a team, confronting the unknown, probing the extremes of human potential. This story takes us through those challenges and beyond to explore the remote islands of Canada's Northwest Territory, Greenland and Norway, where polar bears, musk oxen and wolves roam free.

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Tags: Real-life, adventure