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A Happy Feat

‘There was a ship’, quoth he... The ship was the ice-capable vessel, the Spirit of Enderby, and aboard were Gareth Morgan and 50 others, bound on a 30-day sea voyage to Our Far South – through the Southern Ocean, via the subantarctic islands and all the way down to Scott Base in Antarctica. With some of New Zealand’s ..  More

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A Long Slow Affair of the Heart

I'd throw in my job, do something so different, so bold, that it would change our lives; throw the cards in the air and the heck where they landed. Craving adventure, Bruce Ansley goes in search of happiness on the French canals. He and his wife Sally buy a canal boat, the River Queen, in Holland and sail it through Belgium to France. They t..  More

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Antonovs over the Arctic

In 1928 two men flew a single-engine biplane from Barrow, Alaska to Spitsbergen, Norway - a journey of over 20 hours across the Arctic. At the time, it was described by Byrd and Amundsen as 'the most remarkable journey ever made'. Seventy years later a team of six explorers recreated that journey using a pair of 1947 design Russian biplanes - the A..  More

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Castaway on the Auckland Isles

Originally published 1866, by Lockwood and Co.Thomas Musgrave's account of the wreck of the Grafton.On November 12, 1863 the Grafton left Australia. On the 18th they met with foul weather that threw them off course, but nevertheless they arrived at Campbell Island dropping anchor on December 2nd. They found no tin on the island and so Musgrave deci..  More

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Changing the Spots of the Leopard

These stories are anecdotes of personal, first-hand experiences of conservation and development practices and initiatives in east, central and southern Africa over a period of the last seventy years. There are humorous incidents, often at the author’s expense. They are a tragi-comedy since there are serious implications for the management of natura..  More

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Dark Forest Deep Sea

After his first hunting experience in New Zealand as a young man, Richard Hall has been drawn back again and again, wanting to relive the feeling only this country’s wilderness can give him. Dark Forest Deep Sea goes beyond recollections of one man’s hunting trips. It delves into the emotions and sensations at the heart of the experience, and the r..  More

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Going to Extremes: Adventures in Unknown New Zealand

Comprising some of Derek Grzelewski’s best-published work to date, the stories in this book all explore and reveal some unexpected element of the extreme. These are fascinating tales of New Zealanders – some forgotten, some ‘elite’, some ‘ordinary’ – achieving amazing things. Here the extreme can be found in anything from diving, caving, alpine cli..  More

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Gringos Across the Amazon

It winds its way through the steamy jungle to the highlands, taking many unexpected twists and turns, narrowing in places and speeding up, spreading out in others and slowing to a walking pace — and that’s just the route that Gareth and Joanne Morgan take on their latest, epic motorcycling adventure, across the Amazon. Climb aboa..  More

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Hero Stories of New Zealand

Originally published 1935, by Harry H. Tombs Limited ..  More

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Hunting New Zealand: Parts Unknown

In Hunting New Zealand Peter Ryan pays tribute to the game animals, people and places that have made New Zealand famous as one of the last great hunting adventures. It’s a glimpse into the drama of roaring stags, tahr and chamois high in the haunting Southern Alps, and friendships made hunting gamebirds in stunning locations. With tales of nostalgi..  More

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Jean Batten: The Garbo of the Skies

Jean Batten was one of the great aviation megastars of the 1930s. Her spectacular flights ranked with those of Britain’s Amy Johnson and America’s Amelia Earhart. Yet, despite her brilliance as a pilot, she remained the least well-known of them all. For the dentist’s daughter from New Zealand built an impregnable wall around her private life – whic..  More

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Kākāpō Keeper

Inspired by a true story, Kākāpō Keeper is a tale of New Zealand history and conservation efforts.Written as a fictional diary by Andrew Burt (14), who has been employed as the assistant to Richard Henry the Chief Conservator based in Dusky Sound (on New Zealand’s lower west coast) from July 1894 to June 1908. Henry has been charged with preserving..  More

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My Life: Jean Batten

Originally published 1938, by George G. Harrap & Co. Ltd. ..  More

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New Zealand's Legendary Lost Ruby Mine

A book on the history of a ruby mine said to have been discovered in South-West New Zealand in the 1890s, and the subsequent searches for its location. ..  More

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Nine Lives: Expeditions To Everest

Robert Mads Anderson is an elite mountaineer with a solitary goal: to conquer Everest. After nearly getting killed on his first expedition, Anderson then led a team up a new route without oxygen or Sherpa support, climbed solo on the remote North Face and finally guided a team to the top of the world.Incorporating a who’s who of internationally rec..  More

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Reminiscences of The War in New Zealand

Originally published 1879, by Sampson Low, Marston, Searle, & Rivington ..  More

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Sleeping With the Dead

"Today I raced through the streets of Bangkok in my rescue vehicle, extracted an injured man from a truck at the port, then took him to hospital. Shortly after, in another area, I donned a fire suit and breathing apparatus and walked into a flaming building looking for trapped people and ended up rescuing a firefighter who had fallen. Later..  More

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Slice of Heaven: A family on the move

'Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.' George Bernard Shaw Determined to create their personal vision of paradise, Martin and Jenifer Thomas move far from their original home in New Zealand to a tiny village in the heart of the Italian countryside. Believing simply that anything is possible, they e..  More

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Soldiering in New Zealand

Originally published 1916, by T. J. S. Guilford & Co., Ltd. ..  More

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Some Chapters in the Life and Times of Te Rauparaha

Originally published 1872, by James Hughes, Printer, Lambton Quay, Wellington ..  More

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Sticking with Pigs

Uncle Jeremy has been helping the family out for a while now, by dropping off meat he’s shot. The offer to go hunting sounds great to fourteen-year-old Wolf … a chance to get away from the family stress. But this hunting trip proves to be more than he bargained for. 10+ fiction..  More

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Survive! Remarkable Tales from the New Zealand Outdoors

Humans cannot survive more than three minutes without air; more than three hours exposed to extreme low-temperature; more than three days without water; more than three weeks without food. New Zealanders love exploring the outdoors, but when things go wrong, why do some people survive and some don't?Using true tales of survival, including the sailo..  More

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Swallows’ Adventures in the Med

Swallows’ Adventures in the Med shares the stories of our adventures and exploration in the Eastern Mediterranean, over four summer seasons. We had long planned to spend a while exploring the Med, and after 40+ years sailing and voyaging in other parts of the world concluded the time had come! We found that we enjoyed our earlier voyages ..  More

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The Adventures of Kimble Bent

Originally published 1911, by Whitcombe and Tombs, Limited ..  More

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