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Antonovs over the Arctic

In 1928 two men flew a single-engine biplane from Barrow, Alaska to Spitsbergen, Norway - a journey of over 20 hours across the Arctic. At the time, it was described by Byrd and Amundsen as 'the most remarkable journey ever made'. Seventy years later a team of six explorers recreated that journey using a pair of 1947 design Russian biplanes - the A..  More

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Hunting New Zealand: Parts Unknown

In Hunting New Zealand Peter Ryan pays tribute to the game animals, people and places that have made New Zealand famous as one of the last great hunting adventures. It’s a glimpse into the drama of roaring stags, tahr and chamois high in the haunting Southern Alps, and friendships made hunting gamebirds in stunning locations. With tales of nostalgi..  More

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Survive! Remarkable Tales from the New Zealand Outdoors

Humans cannot survive more than three minutes without air; more than three hours exposed to extreme low-temperature; more than three days without water; more than three weeks without food. New Zealanders love exploring the outdoors, but when things go wrong, why do some people survive and some don't?Using true tales of survival, including the sailo..  More

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The Kiwi Surfcasting Guide

All you need to know to master the art of surfcasting in New Zealand. Getting a fish on your line is a thrilling experience so give yourself more than a fighting chance with this accessible guide to surfcasting in New Zealand. Even if you already have surfcasting skills and experience under your belt, you will find this book useful for taking your ..  More

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The Trout Bohemia: Fly-fishing Travels in New Zealand

From the author of the universally acclaimed Trout Diaries (2011) comes a captivating new volume of fly-fishing adventures in New Zealand, artfully illustrated with ink and charcoal sketches. Join Derek Grzelewski as he explores the waters of his trout bohemia — both famous and deathly secret — and meet the passionate, expert anglers he encounters ..  More

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To Everest via Antarctica

This is the amazing story of seven summits solo - how an American living in New Zealand set out to be the first person in the world to climb the highest peak of the world's seven continents. Robert Mads Anderson was to complete this extraordinary saga of courage, skill and imagination by climbing Mt Everest solo and without oxygen in late 1995. En ..  More

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Self-tracking is the practice of measuring and monitoring your health, activities or diet through technologies such as smartphones, apps, pedometers and personal genomics, empowering you to take control of your day to day health. Richard MacManus explains the benefits and risks of self-tracking and looks at:What exactly is being trackedThe tools an..  More

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