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A History of the Birds of New Zealand

Originally published 1888, by Sir Walter Lawry Buller, K.C.M.G., D.Sc., F.R.S., F.L.S., F.G.S., F.R.G.S., F.R.C.I., Hon. F.S.Sc., 8 Victoria Chambers, Victoria Street, Westminster, S.W. ..  More

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Bird Life on Island and Shore

Originally published 1925, by William Blackwood and Sons ..  More

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Birds of the Water Wood & Waste

Originally published 1927, by Whitcombe & Tombs Ltd. ..  More

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End Times

In the late 1980s, two teenage girls found refuge from a world of cosy conformity, sexism and the nuclear arms race in protest and punk. Then, drawn in by a promise of meaning and purpose, they cast off their punk outfits and became born-again Christians. Unsure which fate would come first – nuclear annihilation or the Second Coming of Jesus – they..  More

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Flight of the Huia

Flight of the Huia: Ecology and conservation of New Zealand's frogs, reptiles, birds and mammals This book tells the story of New Zealand’s birds, mammals, reptiles and frogs, from their Gondwanan origins to the arrival of the first rats, then people and their camp followers. The loss of now-extinct birds and the introduction of other specie..  More

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Healthy Bee, Sick Bee

Phil Lester’s first book, The Vulgar Wasp, was about one of the world’s most hated insects. His second is about just the opposite – the honey bee, arguably one of our best-loved six-legged creatures. People have revered honey bees for centuries. Today we celebrate them with toys, postage stamps and campaigns to raise awareness; we dress up in large..  More

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Homological Composition: A Philosophical Perspective

What do quantum physics, cosmology, biology and psychology have in common? They are all driven by information. This book suggests that philosophy is stuck in linear thinking. It questions the assumptions that underlie its very foundation and, in light of emergence and complexity theory, suggests that we might get to an understanding of li..  More

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Manual of the New Zealand Flora

Originally published 1906, by John Mackay, Government Printer..  More

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Medicine Amongst the Maoris, in Ancient and Modern Times

Originally published 1910, by ..  More

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New Zealand Plants and their Story

Originally published 1910, by John Mackay, Government Printer ..  More

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Pests and Pestilence

The Management of Invasive Species, Pests and Disease in New Zealand‘Pestilence’ is a word that conjures up destruction at a large scale. It can be a plague of ravenous rabbits, millions of wilding pines that swallow up landscapes, a virus that brings the world to its knees within weeks of emergence.In Phil Lester’s new book we dive deep into the w..  More

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Sizing up the City: Urban form and transport in New Zealand

Sizing up the City: Urban form and transport in New Zealand collects and expands on papers presented at the New Zealand Centre for Sustainable Cities’ 2009 national symposium on sustainable transport and our built environment.   Contributors explain how public and private transport form part of our culture, how they interact with ..  More

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The Cultivation of New Zealand Plants

Originally published 1923, by Whitcombe & Tombs Limited..  More

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The Fable of a Stable Climate

Dr Gerrit J. van der Lingen is a geologist and paleoclimatologist. Studying climate change in the past made him realise that the belief in modern catastrophic man-made global warming, caused by carbon dioxide, is not supported by sound science. He became involved in the debate between the belief in dangerous man-made global warming and science base..  More

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The Moa-Hunters of New Zealand: Sportsman of the Stone Age

Originally published 1937, by Thomas Avery and Sons Limited..  More

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The Paranormal - Is Normal!

This book won the New Zealand Ashton Wylie 2016 Mind, Body, Spirit Literary Award! Described by the judges convenor Adonia Wylie, as an outstanding body of work from within the genre.The judging panel of AWCT trustee Adonia Wylie, author Keith Hill and journalist Mike Alexander were unanimous in their overall choice of the winning book. At the pres..  More

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The Vegetation of New Zealand

Originally published 1958, by Wheldon & Wesley, Ltd...  More

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The Vegetative Cover of New Zealand

This book considers the origins of New Zealand's vegetation and how it has been influenced by natural and anthropic factors, describes the compilation of the Vegetative Cover Map of New Zealand, and discusses the 47 Vegetative Cover Classes. Each of the Vegetative Cover Classes are considered in the context of their composition, app..  More

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