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Carbon Shapes and Dark Matter

 Adventurous, curious and moving, Christie's work braves abstraction and socio-political insights.After Luce Cannon (Titus Books, 2007) and The Facts of Light (Vagabond Press, 2014), Carbon Shapes and Dark Matter is Christie's third collection of poetry.Time after time lines come into focus, excoriating and yet lyrically beautiful. — Jack Ross..  More

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Day and Night

Originally published 1939, by The Caxton Press ..  More

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From a Garden in the Antipodes

Originally published 1929, by Sidgwick & Jackson Ltd. ..  More

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Middle Youth

The poems of Middle Youth look directly into the fire. Sometimes they find joy and the possibility of sustaining oneself; sometimes they feel the sense of an ending. Morgan Bach writes with a dark, crackling energy and controlled rage about the world we find ourselves in. Here are the loves that fill and drain us, tarot readings under a roof w..  More

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Musings in Maoriland

Originally published 1890, by Arthur T. Keirle..  More

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New Transgender Blockbusters

The dead should come back changed, or what’s the point?Why do you hide your head beneath the bedclothes?Doesn’t everyone name themselves?Is your house a bottle? Are you trapped in there?Isn’t it nice to be this close to someone?Can we go back to our notes? Please?Urgent, witty and unnervingly beautiful, Oscar Upperton’s first collection takes famil..  More

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Root Leaf Flower Fruit

A woman lies helpless after a stroke, her family gathered. Her grandson, healing slowly from a head injury after coming off his bike, takes leave from his job and family to prepare her rundown house and farm for sale. As he works, he sifts through what remains of his grandmother’s daily life. Then, after an auction result for which he was not prepa..  More

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Selected Poems

Eileen Duggan was New Zealand's best known poet while she was writing and publishing. For many years her reputation outside New Zealand exceeded that of any other New Zealand poet. Her poetry shows an undeniable lyric gift and genuine skill in the evocation of atmosphere. ..  More

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Selected Poems

Denis Glover wrote New Zealand's most famous poem, yet his work has been out of print for many years. This selection includes "The Magpies" along with a wide variety of other poems. ..  More

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Selected Poems

Poet, wit and controversialist, A.R.D. Fairburn was one of the best-known New Zealanders of his time. His friend Douglas Robb saw him "in the role of a cheese starter, just as a cheese starter helps to mature cheese, so Rex helped to mature artistic thought in New Zealand." ..  More

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The Collected Poems of Ursula Bethell

Bethell stands with R.A.K Mason at the beginnings of modern poetry in New Zealand. Born in England, she grew up in New Zealand but did not live there until the 1920's when at the age of fifty she began to write poetry. ..  More

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Time and Place

Originally published 1936, by The Caxton Press ..  More

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The Collected Poems of R.A.K. Mason

Long recognised as a poem of rare originality and distinction and one of the most studied New Zealnd poets. "R.A.K. Mason is the poet we think of as being the first genuinely New Zealand Poet. He is certainly thefirst New Zealand poet I read with enthusiasm." - Bill Manhire ..  More

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