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Lore and History of the South Island Maori

Originally published 1952, by Bascands Limited ..  More

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Mangaian Society

Originally published 1934, by Bernice P. Bishop Museum..  More

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Maori and Missionary: Early Christian Missions in the South Island of New Zealand

Originally published 1954, by A. H. & >A. W. Reed..  More

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Māori Pedagogies: A view from the literature

This publication reviews literature related to Māori teaching and learning styles.Manuscripts, archives, government reports, research reports, literature reviews, journal and newspaper articles, and publications and monographs were accessed to piece together a record of traditional and contemporary practices.The written record shows that Māori used..  More

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Maori Religion and Mythology

Originally published 1882, by Longmans, Green, and Co...  More

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New Growth From Old

This book is in the first place meant to provide basic information for the many Pakeha who interact with Maori as spouses, friends, work colleagues and service providers to help them understand a family type different from theor own. ..  More

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Nga Waka o Nehera

The essential reference work to the traditions of Maori canoes that voyaged to New Zealand – including lists of the waka, names of crew members and vessels, karakia and waiata, and maps. A must for lovers of history, students of Maori and nautical enthusiasts. ..  More

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Niue-fekai (or Savage) Island and its People

Originally published 1903, by Whitcombe & Tombs Limited ..  More

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Notes on the Ancient Dog of the New Zealanders

Originally published 1877, by Kiwi Publishers ..  More

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Polynesian Navigation and the Discovery of New Zealand

The Polynesian navigator Kupe is credited with the discovery of the land his expedition named Aotearoa, land of the long white cloud. How did he and the many canoes that followed find their way without modern navigational techniques through perilous seas in wooden canoes? By examining myth, star charts and contemporary Polynesian seafaring, Jeff..  More

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Polynesian Researches

Originally published 1859, by Henry G. Bohn ..  More

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Polynesian Voyagers. The Maori as a Deep-sea Navigator, Explorer, and Colonizer

Originally published 1923, by The Dominion Museum..  More

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Samoan Material Culture

Originally published 1930, by Published by the Museum..  More

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Some Folk-Songs and Myths From Samoa

Originally published 1891, by Whitcombe and Tombs Limited..  More

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Te Ika a Maui, or New Zealand and its Inhabitants

Originally published 1855, by Wertheim and Macintosh ..  More

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Te Mauri o Te Whare

A collection of essays pertaining to Māori teaching, learning, place, history, and literature.Ko te uhi o tēnei pukapuka Te Mauri o Te Whare he mea hanga, he mea whakarite kia aro ki te takoto, piri tahi ki ngā kōrero o tua, ki ngā kōrero o tēnei ao kikokiko. Ko ngā wāhanga katoa o tēnei uhi he rite tōna āhua ki te tīpuna whare. Ko te whakaara mai ..  More

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The Astronomical Knowledge of the Maori, Genuine and Empirical

Originally published 1922, by The Dominion Museum ..  More

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The Coming of the Maori

Originally published 1949, by Maori Purposes Fund Board Whitcombe and Tombs Ltd ..  More

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The Maori - Volume I

Originally published 1924, by Board of Maori Ethnological Research for the Author and on behalf of the Polynesian Society ..  More

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The Maori - Volume II

Originally published 1941, by The Polynesian Society (Inc.) ..  More

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The Maori As He Was

Originally published 1934, by Dominion Museum..  More

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