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A Journal of a Voyage to the South Seas

Originally published 1984, by Caliban Books..  More

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A Leaf from the Natural History of New Zealand

Originally published 1848, by Printed and Published by Robert Stokes, at the Office of the New Zealand Spectator and Cook's Strait Guardian, Manners-Street, Te Aro; and Published by J. Williamson, New Zealander Office, Auckland. ..  More

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A year among the Maoris: study of their arts and customs

Originally published 1924, by Ernest Benn Limited..  More

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An Account of Samoan History up to 1918

Originally published 1918 ..  More

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An Introduction to Polynesian Anthropology

Originally published 1945, by Bernice P. Bishop Museum ..  More

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Anthropology and Religion

Originally published 1939, by Yale University Press ..  More

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Arts and Crafts of the Cook Islands

Originally published 1944, by Bernice P. Bishop Museum ..  More

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Aureretanga: Groans of the Maoris

Originally published 1975, by Capper Press ..  More

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Cities in New Zealand: Preferences, patterns and possibilities

This book outlines the latest thinking about the preferences people have for their urban life, the patterns of urban development in Aotearoa, and the possibilities for our cities in the future. It takes a systems view, where all the components that make up the city are interlinked, so that a decision to change one aspect of the urban fabric can als..  More

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Decolonisation in Aotearoa: Education, Research and Practice

This book examines decolonisation and Māori education in Aotearoa New Zealand in ways that seeks to challenge, unsettle and provoke for change.Editors Jessica Hutchings and Jenny Lee-Morgan have drawn together leading Māori writers and intellectuals on topics that are at the heart of a decolonising  education agenda, from  tribal educatio..  More

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Diversity in community: Indigenous scholars writing

This book celebrates and reflects on what it takes to build a dynamic community of Māori scholars.It is the story of the community that was purposefully nurtured through the Māori and Indigenous Graduate Enhancement programme (MAI) and the International Indigenous Writing retreats organised by Ngā Pae o Te Māramatanga, Aotearoa New Zealand’s Māori ..  More

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Ethnology of Manihiki and Rakahanga

Originally published 1932, by Bernice P. Bishop Museum..  More

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Ethnology of Tongareva

Originally published 1932, by Bernice P. Bishop Museum..  More

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Explorers of the Pacific

Originally published 1953, by Bernice P. Bishop Museum ..  More

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From Silence to Voice - The Rise of Maori Literature

Before the 1970s, Maori existed in New Zealand literature as figures created by Pakeha writers. The Maori renaissance of the 1970s changed all that. Fiction writers led by Ihimaera and Grace challenged earlier stereotypes and inherited literary forms, creating a new body of writing that has redefined the Maori in literature. Until now no single ..  More

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From Tasman To Marsden: A History of Northern New Zealand from 1642 to 1818

Originally published 1914, by J. Wilkie & Co., Ltd. General Printers and Publishers,..  More

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Hawaiki: The Original Home of the Maori; with a Sketch of Polynesian History

Originally published 1904, by Whitcombe and Tombs Limited..  More

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Ko Nga Moteatea, Me Nga Hakirara O Nga Maori

Originally published 1853, by Robert Stokes ..  More

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Legends of the Maori Volume 1

Originally published 1987, by Southern Reprints ..  More

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Legends of the Maori Volume 2

Originally published 1987, by Southern Reprints ..  More

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Life in Feejee, or, Five Years among the Cannibals

Originally published 1967, by Gregg Press..  More

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Like Them That Dream: the Maori and the Old Testament

The arrival of European missionaries in New Zealand had an immeasurable impact on Maori society. Like Them That Dream tells the intriguing story of early interaction between Maori and missionary, leading to the many distinctive responses to the arrival of Christianity. ..  More

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