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Gods of the Stones: Travels in the Middle East

Gods of the Stones retraces the steps of famed English travel writer H.V. Morton who undertook a series of journeys in the 1930s to the great religions and historical sites of the Middle East. Morton’s focus was the beginnings of Christianity, but he also observed the daily lives and traditions of the people he met along the way. The three boo..  More

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Great Tales of Rural New Zealand

Forty-eight intriguing, quirky yarns on rural life, the land and the people, featuring subjects such as rabbits, swaggers, kauri gum diggers, shearers and land girls from acclaimed writer and master story-teller, Gordon McLauchlan...  More

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Harvesting Wild Meat: the Simple Art of Primitive Trapping

A book describing how to catch birds and animals with nothing more than rocks, sticks and string. In writing this book, the author has drawn on his extensive research and personal experience. Having a strong respect for nature himself, he encourages modern hunter-gatherers to act in an ethical and humane manner. The book provides insight into a ..  More

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How to Sell Your Own House

This is simply a guide book by a former real estate salesman on how to sell your house privately and save thousands of dollars on real estate commissions ..  More

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Jaquie Brown's Guide to Everything

If you're a modern, good-looking human, you need Jaquie Brown's Guide to Everything (and recipes and quizzes). From food and your body to animals, birds and the environment, from fashion and being cool to love, romance and dating, all the important stuff is in this book. And if you find it unsatisfying (unlikely), Jaquie has included som..  More

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Kindness and Lies

Following in the footsteps of her hilarious account of living in India (Travels with my Economist, 2012), Lisa turns her attention closer to home, scrutinising and reflecting on the myriad relationships that make up our lives. She probes fraught, often muddled family and extended family situations; consults friends, lawyers and other professionals ..  More

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New Zealand Paua Shell Jewellery: A cultural history

The story of paua jewellery, from art souvenir and tourist kitsch to highly collectible Kiwi icon All vintage jewellery is collectible and none more so than that made from paua shell. No longer regarded as the tourist kitsch of yesteryear, the book explores this fascinating history and shares the many stories of how and why it came to be produced..  More

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Numerology is an easy and simple system of numbers that can show in a practical way who we are and what we are here to do. Pythagoras, generally recognized as the founder of modern-day Numerology, believed that if you can understand yourself, you will be able to better understand others and the world around you...  More

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Road Tour of American Song Titles

Explore the rich musical history behind the classic American songs of the 1950s and 1960s on this road tour of song titles with NZ journalist Karl du Fresne. Each chapter is devoted to a specific hit song and the town that inspired it, e.g., Twenty-four Hours from Tulsa, Show Me the Way to Amarillo, El Paso, Galveston, Ode to Billie-Joe (Tallahatch..  More

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Sophia & Daughters: Wise Women from the Bible

Rediscover these Biblical characters as women of passion and compassion. Firmly set in a southern hemisphere context, this easy-to-use book has strong feminist imagery and reference focused on the history of women in the Bible. It includes special prayers — for children, teamwork, families, confession, inclusiveness, church, enlightenm..  More

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The Gospel of Isaiah

The Gospel of Isaiah is a written miracle. There is no other explanation. It was written about 600 years before the time of Jesus of Bethlehem and Nazareth and fulfilled accurately by Ihu Te Karaiti (Jesus The Christ) sometime around AD 33-36. This book focuses mainly on Isaiah chapter 53 – “The Banned Chapter”. Most (if not all) Jewish synagogues ..  More

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The Gospel of King David

The Gospel of King David is the second book of The Four Gospels-In-Advance collection of written miracles. And a powerful written miracle it is too!Some people who have very limited, if any, knowledge of the Holy Bible and the Old and New Testaments, upon reading Psalm 22 think they are reading from the New Testament or even the Gospels. So vivid i..  More

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Travels with My Economist

Irreverent, laugh-out-loud tales of living and travelling in India.Join award-winning writer Lisa Scott and her economist as they experience the absolute hell and pure joys of India. Trading the quiet back streets of Dunedin for the heat and chaos of Bangalore, southern India, Lisa tells their story in her own inimitable style. From simply survivin..  More

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Visible 60 Women at 60

This book is a collection of 60 portraits of women at 60 and their stories. The book gently pulls back the curtain and allows the reader a glimpse into each woman's personal experience of being 60 in today's world.  Through the photographs and words you may feel a sense of connection, be moved, surprised, curious, perhaps challe..  More

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