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My Grandmother Used to Say

In 1915 my Grandmother had her life turned upside down by the death of her mother. At age 14, with no father to rely on she was left to raise her 4 younger siblings by herself. She came through the school of hard knocks with a caring heart and a tenacious spirit and learned a great many things. Her experiences became the foundation of her wisdom..  More

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Oh Baby: Birth, Babies & Motherhood

Refreshingly honest, openly frank and candidly blunt, this book has been written by a mother for other mothers. It oozes with warm fuzzies, it reeks of mumsy terms, it exudes realism in every paragraph and it is refreshing in its guiltless honesty. Modern first-time mothers are often alone - devoid of once traditional motherhood knowledge and pr..  More

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This Is a Story About Your Mother

In her latest collection, Louise Wallace raises an existential eyebrow at pregnancy-birth-motherhood. Is this universal rite-of-passage really an intimately personal event, down to the degree of fluid rising in your ankles, or is it a societal machine, forever churning out the next generation to an unrelenting voiceover of parenting advice? Wrestli..  More

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