Neil F Wright

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Forward Pass

Joe Pearce has big boots to fill. His dad Kevin is a Lower Hutt rugby hero and a father he can readily admire. But life has a way of exposing our weaknesses; when Kevin reaches his limits, Joe steps up – both on and off the field – to become a man his dad can be proud of. This novel of rugby, family and the Stokes Valley communit..  More

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Full Time

In Stokes Valley and the Hutt, Kevin Pearce's rugby achievements are legendary. Now in his forties and living in London, Kevin's son Joe still treasures the memories of the rugby, family and life experiences he shared with his dad.Returning for a visit to his ailing father, now afflicted with Alzheimer's, Joe searches for his childhood friend, the ..  More

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The Scam

A fictional tale of an international crime syndicate who try to scam the New Zealand game of Lotto. Will they succeed or will familiarity breed contempt and their plans crumble? ..  More

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