Goliath and the Gang

Goliath and the Gang

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Aaron was just five years old when they took his mother away …

Raised by his aunt after losing his mother, he’s bullied by his uncle and tormented by his loathsome cousins. His dream of making something of his life, of becoming an entrepreneur like his late father, rapidly disappears in the wake of his miserable childhood.

The sudden appearance of a mysterious Māori diviner sparks hope in Aaron’s heart. Can this wise woman help him find his mother? And when he falls hopelessly in love with the woman’s haughty foster daughter, is he destined for heartbreak?

Everything changes when an anonymous patron sponsors Aaron to attend business school. He’s an exemplary student and, upon graduation, a rising star in the business community. Until a deadly rival from his past threatens to destroy his career and plunges Aaron into another brutal war with the Godzone Gorillas—the Gang that kidnapped
his mother.

IndieReader described Gang Girl, the first novel in the series, as ‘a memorable tale filled with drama, conflict and intrigue ... deftly painted characters, multilayered, and unique ... an extraordinary read.’

Goliath and the Gang, the second book in the Gang Girl series, is equally full of drama and intrigue. Set on New Zealand’s spectacular West Coast, David Whittet’s captivating story of love, rivalry and redemption promises another unforgettable experience. Driven by ambition and revenge, Aaron’s tumultuous journey is no mere rags-to-riches tale—it’s a rollercoaster of emotions that will grip readers from the very first page.

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