Slice of Heaven: A family on the move, by Martin Thomas

Slice of Heaven: A family on the move, by Martin Thomas (Biography & Memoir)

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'Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.'

George Bernard Shaw

Determined to create their personal vision of paradise, Martin and Jenifer Thomas move far from their original home in New Zealand to a tiny village in the heart of the Italian countryside. Believing simply that anything is possible, they embrace la dolce vita – the good life – and set about transforming an old schoolhouse into an enchanting villa.

Their desire to live further apart from the ‘real world’ leads them to search for an island of their own. They find it in the Caribbean Sea, off the coast of Nicaragua. Here, undaunted by the multitude of challenges they face, they establish their own little Eden.

Slice of Heaven is positive, inspiring, and highly entertaining. It is not without tragedy – on the grandest scale – but to this unusual family, life is about moving forward, about daring to have dreams, and turning them into reality.

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Tags: Biography, Memoir