The Spring of Living Water (Lecture Notes 1954)

The Spring of Living Water (Lecture Notes 1954)

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The following lectures were given in Pretoria, South Africa, between 2nd February and 15th June 1954 (The same also being given earlier in Johannesburg, between 14th April 1953 and 8th April 1953). The Lecture Notes could be purchased in blocks of ten prior to the series being given. A full account of these lectures combining the Lecture Notes and a transcription into text of the 18 known sound recordings have never been made public until now. This edition is now the definitive version of the full inner course as given by Murdo to his South Africa students. In this series of Lectures, Murdo places great emphasis on discerning your thoughts and cleansing the mind of all that is hindering the expression of the true Self. Revealing more of the Inner Teachings of Jesus and the Ancient Ones as given to Murdo by the Masters in Tibet.

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