The Paranormal - Is Normal!, by Alastair Bruce Scott-Hill

The Paranormal - Is Normal!, by Alastair Bruce Scott-Hill (Science & Natural History)

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This book won the New Zealand Ashton Wylie 2016 Mind, Body, Spirit Literary Award! Described by the judges convenor Adonia Wylie, as an outstanding body of work from within the genre.

The judging panel of AWCT trustee Adonia Wylie, author Keith Hill and journalist Mike Alexander were unanimous in their overall choice of the winning book. At the presentation on August 19 th, in Auckland. Mike Alexander, one of the judges said at the award “the book is unique and a milestone in its genre”.

Written by a professional communications and information technology engineer, a Canterbury University graduate dedicated to science – he chose his standard test for validity by accepting solely “solid” science i.e. documented replicated science experiments as the base for his investigations into Reincarnation, the Paranormal and the possibility of an afterlife and immortality for all. The book was written as a sequel to the personal journey of inquiry by the author which commenced some 15 years ago, but which was abandoned until relatively recent research provided the science breakthroughs that has now allowed its completion.

It validates the work of psychics and mediums. It also gives welcome scientific support to the public majority who believe in a creator, an afterlife, psychics, mediums and the paranormal.

All of these are covered in considerable detail in this book with a constant focus on science validation. This treatment also embraces other big questions in life particularly whether mind, our soul and senses can likely survive death; evolution – scientifically fact or fiction; whether life could exist before the Big Bang; and even whether a timeless afterlife existence is scientifically plausible? And many more.

Although a science book, it has been written with considerable attention to clarity, so that it is readable and understandable to all.

A recently received short review: -

“Everybody should read this book.”

“The book should be given widespread publicity so that it somehow gets through the fog of mainstream reporting. Modern science is held in such high esteem that a book providing solid science in support of non-physical reality can be an eye opener and a life change for many. It is an eloquent and erudite bridge between science and spirituality, providing a common ground upon and through which a meaningful dialog can take place. Plus, the immense amount of findings presented in this book from standard scientific research, presents daunting challenges to even the most materialistic of hard-nosed skeptics”.
- Dr Dennis Grega, Psychologist researcher and joint CEO/Convenor of the website and services – the world’s largest “afterlife” website.

A few endorsements:

“Where science generally offers only despair, Scott-Hill offers hope that goes beyond the blind faith of orthodox religion and into providing true afterlife validation and belief for us all.”
- Michael Tymn Editor, The Journal for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies.

“A clearly written, well researched and richly detailed book on the reasons, scientific and experiential, for a belief in the survival of death and reincarnation. Scott-Hill is right to insist on the many ways in which they are in fact supported by post-classical physics. A stimulating read!”
- Robert McLuhan, Editor of “Paranormia” website, Member of the (British) Society for Psychical Research, and the author of three books.

“As might be expected of such a writer, his presentation is clear, logical and concise: and I found it convincing. I find it illuminating, fascinating, and expect to refer to it, again and again.”
- Rev. Michael D S Cocks, a retired Anglican Vicar, Christchurch, New Zealand who has published two books and is editor of “The Ground of Faith” website.

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