The Gospel of King David

The Gospel of King David

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The Gospel of King David is the second book of The Four Gospels-In-Advance collection of written miracles. And a powerful written miracle it is too!
Some people who have very limited, if any, knowledge of the Holy Bible and the Old and New Testaments, upon reading Psalm 22 think they are reading from the New Testament or even the Gospels. So vivid is the description of the crucifixion of Christ. When they discover that Psalm 22 was written 1,000 years before Christ and before crucifixion had even been invented, they become taken aback with amazement. “Well I never knew that,” said G who went to the same sports club as me. This is why education in these truths is so vital and important. G’s was a normal reaction for he had just heard, for the first time in his 40+ years of life, about GOD’s written miracles. There is no other reasonable or rational explanation except to accept the fact that Holy Spirit put it there. 
The Gospel of King David has been written in order for the Name of EHYER (Exodus 3:14) to be Glorified. It’s been revealed to you so that you will no longer be in two minds over whether these things are true or not, and no longer question them in your heart. I am informing you that these things are indeed true and that nothing really exists outside of the truth. Here is the proof. Read it for yourself and make up your own mind.
You can use this book as a recital or a reading to worship GOD. Read and recite alone – just you, EHYER and angels - or with other people. If there are those with any affliction present, apply Holy Spirit Word as magic to destroy the ailment.

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