The Gospel of Isaiah

The Gospel of Isaiah

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The Gospel of Isaiah is a written miracle. There is no other explanation. It was written about 600 years before the time of Jesus of Bethlehem and Nazareth and fulfilled accurately by Ihu Te Karaiti (Jesus The Christ) sometime around AD 33-36. This book focuses mainly on Isaiah chapter 53 – “The Banned Chapter”. Most (if not all) Jewish synagogues around the world refuse to read it because they claim it causes arguments and confusion. The actual truth is that Isaiah 53 is a compelling witness that Jesus of Bethlehem and Nazareth really was, and is, the Christ-Messiah. Synagogues do not want to admit this and are still waiting for the Christ-Messiah to come. At some stage in the future, the Jews will recognise Jesus as their Messiah when the full number of non-Jews has come into the Kingdom of Jesus (Romans 11:24-26). Make up your own mind by reading this book and all the supernatural prophecies contained in it.
You can use this book as a recital or a reading to worship GOD. Read and recite alone – just you, EHYER and angels – or with other people. If there are those with any affliction present, apply Holy Spirit Word as magic to destroy the ailment.

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