Sophia & Daughters: Wise Women from the Bible

Sophia & Daughters: Wise Women from the Bible

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Rediscover these Biblical characters as women of passion and compassion.

Firmly set in a southern hemisphere context, this easy-to-use book has strong feminist imagery and reference focused on the history of women in the Bible. It includes special prayers — for children, teamwork, families, confession, inclusiveness, church, enlightenment, advent, Lent, before a meeting, before a service, house blessing and natural disasters — as well as dialogues suitable for reading aloud, and reflections on wisdom, journeys and aging.

“Rosalie Sugrue’s imagination, insight and teaching skills enliven this material. If you are looking for stories, prayers and liturgies to introduce or lead worship, focused on the history of women in the Bible, Sophia & Daughters has strong feminist imagery and reference.

Here is a sequence of neglected and fascinating records of Biblical women extended into dramatic stories. At the same time, the worship resources are firmly set in a Southern hemisphere context which is user-friendly and address the church year as well as special occasion services.

The format will stimulate participation, provide a sense of drama or simply create space for meditative prayer. Use this and see!”

— Shirley Erena Murray, hymn writer

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