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A Pity it's not for Sissies

Ageing stalks us, mischievously skirting the shadows before jumping out shouting “surprise!”   This book represents an exploration of that experience.  It is written as a conversation between reader and writer.  Humorous autobiographical anecdotes link the ‘real’ with the ‘old’ person and are interleaved with commentary on physical c..  More

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Jaquie Brown's Guide to Everything

If you're a modern, good-looking human, you need Jaquie Brown's Guide to Everything (and recipes and quizzes). From food and your body to animals, birds and the environment, from fashion and being cool to love, romance and dating, all the important stuff is in this book. And if you find it unsatisfying (unlikely), Jaquie has included som..  More

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Kindness and Lies

Following in the footsteps of her hilarious account of living in India (Travels with my Economist, 2012), Lisa turns her attention closer to home, scrutinising and reflecting on the myriad relationships that make up our lives. She probes fraught, often muddled family and extended family situations; consults friends, lawyers and other professionals ..  More

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No Second Prize

Take a flick through the pages of this book and see if something arouses your curiosity.This book represents 26 years of artwork and written material. It has been compiled in such a way as to be relevant 26 years ago and also today and into the future. Our human condition has never changed, and never will, despite technology, our social advances, a..  More

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