Visions for Everyday Christians: How to Have and Handle Them

Visions for Everyday Christians: How to Have and Handle Them

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I’m sure we have all prayed, ‘God speak to me, show me!’ In this book James Coleman answers a very big ‘how’, as he vividly portrays ways God speaks to so many of us ‘in the spiritual language of pictures and images’. If you want to start to experience God speaking to you in visual form, to grow in this gift, or learn more about the biblical and historical roots of it, then this book is definitely for you.”
Tak Bhana
Senior Pastor, Church Unlimited

“This is a book which promises to burst open the hallowed halls of prophetic ministry to those Christian masses who dare believe; God speaks today, the Holy Spirit heals today and Jesus changes lives by healing body, soul and spirit. Those who believe these audacious claims are about to be resourced with the surprising tale of a fruitful journey. James and Julia Coleman have pursued something for 10 years many mistakenly consider an optional extra to real belief. God has been faithful, and encouraged them with story after story of God with us, which James has done us the greatest service in considering, discerning and documenting. Enjoy. Get excited. Act.”
Lydia Read
CEO New Wine New Zealand, and Vineyard Church pastor.

“What a joyful gift to the Church that God would send fresh encouragement for us to receive and seek visionary encounters with God’s Holy Spirit, through the insight, experience and meticulous mind of a tax lawyer! James brings clarity and guidance, marrying wonder and mystery with simple every day decisions, encounters and right thinking. As someone who has experienced a mystical relationship with God, and often been a bit worried about how to integrate that into my everyday life and faith, I was encouraged and blessed by this book.”
Bishop Eleanor Sanderson
Anglican Movement

“We live in a very rationalistic culture which is so different from Maori and other belief systems, which acknowledge the supernatural dimension as something that is part of everyday life.  My experience, having travelled to visit the church in over 40 countries in the two thirds world, is that they often experience the supernatural realm on a daily basis. Because of their poverty, they have nothing but faith in a supernatural, loving God, to get them through their current problems. I commend James Colemans book to you, with the prayer that God might open our eyes to the possibility of the supernatural realm that is more profound and real than anything we could imagine.”
Gradon Harvey
National Director North-South NZ.

“Visions for Everyday Christians will take readers on a journey, supported by real life stories, discovering the power of God speaking to us through visions.”
Neels Janse van Rensburg
CEO New Zealand Bible Society

“This is far more than a book on visions. It highlights God’s desire to be intimately involved in the lives of His people, speaking to them, and empowering them on multiple levels. James Coleman has a marvellous ability to weave together Scripture, the spiritual classics, and personal experiences into a compelling and faith-enhancing read. This book will breathe new life into your walk with God and enable you to live more fully the Spirit-filled life.”
Richard Black
Strength to Strength
Counsellor, speaker and author

“A refreshing and insightful book on dreams and visions, packed with stories and clear teaching that draws the reader into a clearer understanding of this important subject. A timely book for a dramatically changing world, that requires Christians to ‘see’ what God is doing in this present time. James is one of those people who not only pursues God, but also knows how to move others into a deeper relationship with God, through teaching and by example.”
Mike Burrows
Church Engagement Manager
Open Doors

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