Innocence, by Ludovic C. M. Romany

Innocence, by Ludovic C. M. Romany (Biography)

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A true story of a journey from darkness into light.

Most of us would consider the gift of innocence to be the birthright of every baby brought into this world.
Unfortunately, within New Zealand, a perpetuating cycle of violence and poverty can often deny this birthright. 

Witere ‘Wi’ Peepe is one of those who never received his ‘gift of innocence’.
In his story, Wi recalls being subjected to the most monstrous crimes at the hands of his parents, from as young as two years of age. They extended to him the same violence and wrongful behaviour they themselves had experienced during their lives. 

All the pieces were in place to lead Wi down a similar path, but this account of his difficult journey tells how it was possible for him to come through the dark shadows and into the light.
This story is one that needs to be told. Bringing these issues into the open is a vital step in breaking the cycle of violence that is experienced by many in our communities.

In the end, it is about Wi’s purotu, the magic within, that never deserts him. That equips him along the way, that is part of his whakapapa, that is recognised and supported by others, who could see beyond the battered exterior into Wi’s loving sacred self. Thankyou Wi and to your whanau for letting us in. Nga mihi aroha ki a koutou katoa.
Jim Moriarty, 2018

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