Earlybird Reviewers

What is a meBooks Earlybird Reviewer?

Being a meBooks Earlybird Reviewer is a great way to get free copies of New Zealand eBooks.

We team up with publishers to provide copies (both currently-available and advance) of selected eBooks to you, in exchange for you writing a review about the eBook.

You get to write the sort of interview that you think the book deserves; we ask only that the review is at least 250 words in length (but of course you are welcome to write more), that you also provide a rating, and that you comply with our rules.

How do I become a meBooks Earlybird Reviewer?

You can register to become a meBooks Earlybird Reviewer by selecting the appropriate setting in your account preferences. We will then notify you by email occasionally about eBooks available for reviewing.

What are the rules for meBooks Earlybird Reviewers

The rules are simple and not too restrictive:

  • You have to be a person, not an organisation, and the review must be your own impressions about the eBook.
  • Reviews must be about the eBook, and are not a platform for promoting any viewpoint beyond that directly relevant to the eBook being reviewed.
  • Reviews are not a platform for promoting any organisation, service or product.
  • Reviews are also not a platform for attacking or denigrating any person not directly featured in the eBook being reviewed. If you do wish to comment on any individual or organisation directly in connection with the eBook being reviewed, such comment must not be defamatory; meBooks refuses to accept any responsibility for any defamatory material in any review, and will remove such material as soon as it is discovered.
  • Because you may be reviewing eBooks in advance of their publication, you must not make the eBook or any part of it available to any third party. You must not make available to any third party any details of the eBook, its content, or your review of it before your review has been published on the meBooks site.
  • Possession of any eBooks provided by meBooks under the Earlybirds scheme is subject to our normal terms and conditions.
  • By providing a review for meBooks, you grant meBooks non-exclusive and perpetual permission to make use of your review — or any derivative of it — in any way we think suitable. You also represent and warrant that you have the right to grant these permissions to meBooks. This means that the content of your review must be entirely your own work, apart from limited use of selected quotations from the work being reviewed. Note that we do not request that you assign us your copyright in the review; as the creator of the review you are free to use the review for any other purpose that you see fit.
  • We reserve the right to amend these rules at any time as circumstances demand.

Any abuse of these rules will result in you being excluded from the meBooks Earlybird Reviewer programme, and may result in your content being removed from the meBooks site.