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New Zealand As It Might Have Been 2

In 2006 NEW ZEALAND AS IT MIGHT HAVE BEEN introduced a new way of looking at New Zealand’s national experience – its history, society and politics, even its rugby – as 15 authors considered what could have been rather than simply what was. Now this new book offers a further 17 portraits of ‘New Zealand as it mig..  More

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New Zealand Identities: Departures and Destinations

The various peoples who have come to call New Zealand home have long histories of their own, but as a modern nation, New Zealand is young. Such youth has a particular vibrancy, and its own peculiar crises. New Zealanders have seen war, at home and abroad; they have also sought peace, domestically and internationally. And whether New Zealande..  More

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New Zealand's Legendary Lost Ruby Mine

A book on the history of a ruby mine said to have been discovered in South-West New Zealand in the 1890s, and the subsequent searches for its location. ..  More

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Nga Waka o Nehera

The essential reference work to the traditions of Maori canoes that voyaged to New Zealand – including lists of the waka, names of crew members and vessels, karakia and waiata, and maps. A must for lovers of history, students of Maori and nautical enthusiasts. ..  More

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Ngapuhi Speaks

Ngāpuhi Speaks  - a challenge to the history we’ve received Note: the final index for this title can be downloaded here. Ngāpuhi Speaks is an independent report about He Wakaputanga o Te Rangatiratanga o Nu Tireni (1835) & Te Tiriti o Waitangi (1840), published in November, 2012.  It summarises and assesses the Ngāpuhi Nui..  More

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Not in Narrow Seas: The Economic History of Aotearoa New Zealand

Not in Narrow Seas is a major contribution to the history of Aotearoa New Zealand. It covers everything from the traditional gift-based Māori economy to the Ardern government’s attempt to deal with the economic challenges of global warming, and is the first economic history to underline the central role of the environment, beginning with the geolog..  More

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Official War History of the Wellington Mounted Rifles Regiment 1914-1919

Originally published 1924, by Whitcombe and Tombs Limited ..  More

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One of England's Little Wars

Originally published 1860, by Hocken Library ..  More

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Passionless People Revisited

In 1976 journalist Gordon McLauchlan wrote his most famous work, The Passionless People – a best-selling social commentary on New Zealand, where he probed the murky recesses of our national pscyhe. In The Passionless People Revisited he looks back at how New Zealanders have changed, or otherwise, over the last four decades in a book that promises t..  More

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Pioneering the Pumice

Originally published 1939, by Whitcombe & Tombs Limited..  More

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Porters in My Past

The true story of three brothers who arrive in NZ in the 1850's and face the challenge of life in a new land. One becomes a surveyor, one a Mayor and one a farmer after whom Porters Pass is named...  More

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Pursuing Peace in Godzone

Subtitle: Christianity and the Peace Tradition in New ZealandThis is a book about how New Zealanders have been inspired by visions for peace. Focusing on diverse Christian communities, it explores some of the ways that peace has influenced their practices, lifestyles and politics from the Second World War to the present—the period in which New Zeal..  More

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Regimental History of New Zealand Cyclist Corps in The Great War 1914-1918

Originally published 1922, by Whitcombe & Tombs Limited ..  More

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Reminiscences of The War in New Zealand

Originally published 1879, by Sampson Low, Marston, Searle, & Rivington ..  More

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Revolution: The 1913 Great Strike in New Zealand

Many of New Zealand’s leading historians came together in a conference in 2003 to re-explore the 1913 Great Strike. The result is a challenging clash of perspectives: the reader will see this great strike through the eyes of the state, the police, the strikers, the militants, the moderates, the ruling and working classes. The contributors deba..  More

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Sacred Histories in Secular New Zealand

The secular character of New Zealand has become an accepted ‘fact’ of our time. Nevertheless, Christian organizations and discourses have played an important role in framing New Zealand’s life and identity. In many ways, they continue to do so. Despite recent declines in church attendance, the persistence of religious tolerance, spiritual belief an..  More

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Saints and Stirrers

Subtitle: Christianity, Conflict and Peacemaking in New Zealand, 1814–1945              New Zealanders, while generally peaceable and tolerant people, have seldom shied away from war. Even in the current era, Anzac Day is a major event here, and the haka performed by our national rugby team is one of our most..  More

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Shimmersea: A Memoir

Mary Woodward’s autobiography is both familiar and remarkable. Many New Zealanders will have similar memories of childhood holidays and wild adventures at the beach – in her case on the West Coast of Auckland. As a cash-strapped student recruited by the local Lions Club and lured by prize money of two hundred pounds, she ended up becoming Miss New ..  More

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Sketches of Early Colonisation in New Zealand and its Phases of Contact with the Maori Race

Originally published 1907, by Whitcombe and Tombs Limited ..  More

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Soldiering in New Zealand

Originally published 1916, by T. J. S. Guilford & Co., Ltd. ..  More

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Some Interesting Occurrences in Early Auckland: City and Provinces

Originally published 1955, by Whitcombe and Tombs Limited ..  More

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Temperance and Prohibition in New Zealand

Originally published 1930, by The Epworth Press..  More

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The Big Blue: Snapshots of the 1951 Waterfront Lockout

In working-class parlance a ‘blue’ was the colloquial term for an industrial disruption – a strike or a lockout. The 1951 waterfront lockout was, up until that time, the biggest ‘blue’ of them all and still holds attention today as a seminal event in New Zealand’s industrial and political history.The 1951 lockout, which lasted for 151 days, was the..  More

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The Castaways of Disappointment Island

Originally published 1911, by S. W. Partridge & Co., Ltd.Herbert Escott-Inman's The Castaways of Disappointment Island is the true story of the wreck of the Dundonald near the Auckland Islands, a group of sub-antarctic islands lying 180 miles south of New Zealand, in 1907.The Dundonald sank on 7th March 1907 after running ashore on the west sid..  More

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