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Going Into Support Tonight

Roy Haycock, a farmer, from Hope, near Nelson, joined up to fight in the First World War in January 1916, just ten weeks short of his 21st birthday.Sailing to England, via Egypt, with the 12th Reinforcements, he completed his training at Sling Camp on the Salisbury Plains, before joining his unit, the 12th Nelson Company 2nd Battalion Canterbury Re..  More

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Great Tales from New Zealand History

An intriguing collection of tales plucked from the byways of our country's history by a master storyteller who recognises a good yarn when he sees it. Gordon McLauchlan tempts our imagination with 46 little-known tales from New Zealand’s past...  More

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Hauhauism: An Episode in the Maori Wars 1863-1866

Originally published 1937, by A. H. & A. W. Reed..  More

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Hero Stories of New Zealand

Originally published 1935, by Harry H. Tombs Limited ..  More

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Historic Poverty Bay and the East Coast, N.I., N.Z

Originally published 1949, by J. A. Mackay ..  More

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Historical Records of New Zealand, Vol. I

Originally published 1908, by By Authority: John Mackey, Government Printer...  More

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History Matters: Teaching and learning history in New Zeland

History Matters reflects the dynamic nature of teaching and learning history in New Zealand secondary classrooms. It demonstrates not only the wealth of enthusiasm and expertise within the history teaching community,but also a commitment by teachers to developing a research literature on historical thinking that is ‘for teachers and by tea..  More

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History of New Zealand, Volume I

Originally published 1883, by Chapman and Hall, Limited. ..  More

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History of New Zealand, Volume II

Originally published 1883, by Chapman and Hall, Limited. ..  More

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History of New Zealand, Volume III

Originally published 1883, by Melville, Mullen & Slade ..  More

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Incidents of The Maori War

Originally published 1863, by Richard Bentley, New Burlington Street..  More

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Infantry Brigadier

Originally published 1949, by Geoffrey Cumberlege, Oxford University Press..  More

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Provides an illuminating insight into two of the main categories of Maori descent groups- iwi and hapu. It shows what hapu were before European settlement and what they remain today, and their dynamic relationships with iwi. Iwi begins in the 18th century, when hapu were independent politically and iwi were conceptual groups, wide categories of peo..  More

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Kākāpō Keeper

Inspired by a true story, Kākāpō Keeper is a tale of New Zealand history and conservation efforts.Written as a fictional diary by Andrew Burt (14), who has been employed as the assistant to Richard Henry the Chief Conservator based in Dusky Sound (on New Zealand’s lower west coast) from July 1894 to June 1908. Henry has been charged with preserving..  More

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Key to Victory: The New Zealand General Election of 2008

Key to Victory is the story of the New Zealand general election of 2008, in which the experienced and long-serving prime minister, Helen Clark, was ousted by a political newcomer – National’s John Key.Veteran academic commentators Colin James, Jon Johansson, and Therese Arseneau offer perspectives on what New Zealanders were voting for when endorsi..  More

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Kiwi Compañeros: New Zealand and the Spanish Civil War

In the first-ever account of New Zealand’s role in Spain’s civil war of 1936–39, Mark Derby presents the personal stories of some extraordinary individuals who became involved. For example:A fighter pilot from Wellington who landed his plane with a shattered shoulder, then left for Hollywood to make movies with Errol FlynnA Cromwell surgeon who ope..  More

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Kiwis At War 1939-40 Part One Navy & Merch. Marine

“Dad never spoke of his time at the war. I wish I had persuaded him to talk. But it’s too late now – he’s passed on and that part of our family history has gone with him.” In an effort to help fill that void, this Collection is aimed fairly and squarely at Baby Boomers and, just as importantly, their offspring. In P..  More

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Last Shepherd: Five Decades in the Wool Industry

New Zealand's wool industry has seen turbulent years and for more than 50 of them Roger Buchanan Has been intimately involved. He grew up on the family sheep farm before working for a wool merchant and a wool scour, studying then tutoring at Massey College, then setting out on a long career with successive wool industry statutory organisatio..  More

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Like Them That Dream: the Maori and the Old Testament

The arrival of European missionaries in New Zealand had an immeasurable impact on Maori society. Like Them That Dream tells the intriguing story of early interaction between Maori and missionary, leading to the many distinctive responses to the arrival of Christianity. ..  More

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Maori Wars of the Nineteenth Century

Originally published 1910, by Whitcombe & Tombs Limited...  More

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Naseby: A History

The colourful story of the picturesque goldfields town of Naseby in Central Otago, New Zealand. The book covers the rich and often entertaining history of the town from its original settlement, which followed the discovery of gold in 1863, through until 2013. Through its 150 year history the town has changed from a being bustling goldfields town wi..  More

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New Zealand and the War

Originally published 1862, by Smith, Elder and Co., 65, Cornhill...  More

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