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The VUP Home Reader

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The VUP Home Reader is everything we’re working on at the moment—extracts of books which were published in February and March, books which are in the warehouse or on the water, final proofs and uncorrected proofs, manuscripts and work-in-progress—stretching into 2021. We offer it as company, as entertainment, as a promise.
Stay safe and well.
Stay home and read!
Ngā mihi nui ki a koutou.

Fergus Barrowman, Publisher
Craig Gamble, Publishing Manager
Kyleigh Hodgson, Editor
Kirsten McDougall, Publicity Director
Jasmine Sargent, Editor
Ashleigh Young, Editor


Eamonn Marra, Home
Freya Daly Sadgrove, Heron
Oscar Upperton, Dutch Instruction
Alison Douglass, from Assessment of Mental Capacity
Madison Hamill, Speculative Fiction
Mikaela Nyman, from Sado
Breton Dukes, The Swimmers
Michele Amas, Home town
Natalie Morrison, from Pins
Ian Wedde, from The Reed Warbler
Brian Easton, from Not in Narrow Seas
Hinemoana Baker, How to Survive on a Plinth
Pip Adam, from Nothing to See
James Brown, Metro
Rata Gordon, Vagator
Craig Gamble, The Rule of Twelfths
David Coventry, from Dance Prone
Airini Beautrais, from an untitled short story collection
Miro Bilbrough, from In the Time of the Manaroans
Kate Camp, How to Be Happy Though Human
Chloe Lane, from The Swimmers
Phil Lester, from Healthy Bee, Sick Bee
Ingrid Horrocks, Canyon Country: The Elk
Bernadette Hall, from Fancy Dancing
Tusiata Avia, Samoan funeral with Aunty
Catherine Chidgey, from Remote Sympathy
Geoff Cochrane, Chosen
Bill Manhire, Wow
Tara Black, from This Is Not a Pipe
James K. Baxter, The Fleece
John Newton, from Escape Path Lighting
Tina Makereti, Tea
Ruby Solly, Arrival
Rebecca Reilly, from Vines
Ash Davida Jane, conversation / conservation
Patrick Evans, from Bluffworld
Susanna Gendall, from The Disinvent Movement
Danyl McLauchlan, The Hunger and the Rain
Vincent O’Sullivan, Once
Kirsten McDougall, from She’s a Killer
Sue Orr, from Loop Station
Elizabeth Knox, Faulty Valve

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