Sky Full of Stars, by Sheila Kennard

Sky Full of Stars, by Sheila Kennard (Biography)

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Sky Full of Stars is the culmination of a promise made to my granddaughter to create a book of letters from her great, great grandfather, Harold Musson. He wrote almost daily to his wife from the trenches of France during The Great War.
Little did I know what that promise had in store for me, that I would become penpals with a man who was long dead. The letters and diaries revealed so much more than his daily news and views to his wife. With the help of modern technology I was led on a journey of discovery about Harold, his circumstances and his friends, including Flurry, a New Zealander who also chose to serve in the British Army.
Harold had chosen to leave his beloved home in Argentina and take part in the war that was supposed to end all wars. In writing back to him I have been able to tell him of his family and his friends, whilst preserving the letters as a historic document.

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